Looking for a solid Indianapolis contractor for rehabs

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I am really struggling to find a reliable contractor to help me with rehabs in downtown Indianapolis. It seems lile all the reputable contractors want to over-renovate and over-charge.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a licensed contractor to handle basic rehabs... lipstick jobs? (floors, paint, kitchen, etc)  I'm used to this type of rehab running 15-30k. Maybe I am underestimating the prices in Indy?  Hopefully, I just haven't found the right contractor.

@Marc Phelps , you tell the contractors how much to renovate, not the other way around. The price is negotiable, but if they want too much and you know you can rehab for less, then move on. I'd recommend speaking with @Ritch Bonisa . I think he would be a great place to start. Hope this helps.

-Michael Volek

Thanks Michael, I don't think the problem is the way I am going about my communication but I could've been clearer in my post. The contractors who I have been able to reach are tied up with major rehabs (down to the studs) and not interested in doing smaller jobs.  It's not that they are suggesting that I over renovate my projects, it's that they have a glut of bigger jobs and don't want to bother with a $20,000 project. Indy is a new market for me but I'm not new to this type of work. 

I'm sure there are some solid contractors in the area who need work, I could use some help finding them.  

Maybe it's time to outsource some research. I've heard of others doing that for new markets.  

@Marc Phelps Indy is rehab crazy right now. There aren’t any solid contractors right now. There are very few bad ones felt. That’s probably my why prices are where they are. People are throwing out big numbers hoping they don’t get the job. Sorry that’s not too helpful.

Keep getting estimates though. Good luck!

I agree with @Josh C. , many neighborhoods are gentrifying right now and there are too many flips for any investor to handle. I recently had a conversation with a friend who flips quite a few per year and he said he doesn't take jobs for other people anymore because he's making so much money flipping for himself. So right now it's tough in Indy to find what you're looking for. If you do find someone - they're going to charge a lot.