W 30th area Type of neighbourhood

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Hey BP,

I would like to hear you opinion about  the area W30th, Eagledale Dr, Kalmar Dr .
Would You say that is B? Or maybe C?
I would just like to understand those few blocks. And maybe try and focus there.


@Tomer Kamil , I've always considered that a C area but prices are coming up as investors target that area for long term buy & holds. I'd say it's a solid area to invest but there are still pockets of crime in surrounding neighborhoods.

more like $60 to 75k for a 3/1 now days. and that is 950 sf.
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@Tomer Kamil , pretty big range but you could get a 3/1 as cheap as 45-60k all-in after rehab for 750-800 in rent.