Local Realtor Recommendation?

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Jason and Nick, I'm an investor and agent working with other investors on the North side of Indianapolis.  Please reach out at any time, and I'll see how I can help you reach your goals in the Indy market.  

I'm new to the investing scene, but I run a real estate photography company and shoot for a majority of the agents in the city. I know a few that handle a lot of investment business if you'd like me to connect you. 

Originally posted by @Ross Denman :

I have a few that I work with. I can PM you their information.

 Hi Ross,

Would you mind providing the same? Thanks in advance!

@Jason R. Hi Jason! I'm a local realtor that works primarily out of Center-Township Indianapolis. I currently own 3 units in Indy and have helped over 10 BiggerPockets investors buy/sell/BRRRR homes in our market. Feel free to reach out if you're putting out feelers for an agent that works best for you. I work out of Fountain Square.

I have some of my investments posted on my profile.