And one more question - this time on wood paneling . . . .

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And here is one more question from the 1970's Time Warp house.  The hallway to the bedroom side of the house and two of the 4 bedrooms is paneled with a dark wood paneling.  The paneling is is amazingly good condition - no gouges, splinters or even damage to the high gloss finish.

The question is how dated does this make the house look?  Flooring will be replaced, ceiling fans added to the bedrooms . . . . do you think the wood paneling woudl work with an updated design?  If not, what thoughts do you have on painting it - it has a high gloss finish so not sure if latex paint will stick without some preparation- possibly oil based Kilz.

A few photos of part of the hallway and one of the bedrooms is shown below so you can see what we are dealing with.

Appreciate any input or thoughts on options . . .be they painting of any other suggestions

Thanks again!

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I had high gloss paneling in a house and washed it with TPS before painting to get the paint to stick better.  Used a paint with primer in it.

@Andy Sabisch The lines really don't stand out after painting. I've painted a bunch of nasty old brown paneling and it always looks better afterwards (clean with TSP, Zinsser primer, paint).

Not great pics but to give you an idea of before/after:

@Andy Sabisch Zinnser cover stain bonds well and covers the dark color well. And sands well if you get a little orange peel...I hate that. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how nice it will look. I like SW pro classic trim paint in latex and really like bm advance but it is a little pita to work with and clean up but dries flat and hard though.

@Andy Sabisch - I'd recommend painting it as well. It'll turn out like a vertical shiplap look, like @Dawn P. did above in the kitchen. It's a really popular look, at least out here on the West Coast where people like the 'farmhouse' style. If you wanted, you could even sheetrock over a few of the walls, but then leave others as the paneling and paint them, giving you a nice accent wall. Zinsser no sand should do the trick as a base, but it looks super glossy so going over them quick with a palm sander and 150 grit would really boost the adhesion and make scratching/peeling less likely.