Recommendation for a website for Inventory and home sales stats?

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Thank you for your time reading my post and helping me out!!

I am trying to find a good website for stats in Las Vegas. I have looked at the newspaper websites but I want to see current numbers and past and they all seem dated. Is there a site I am missing with all the stats? 

get an agent to provide this its updated by the minute on the MLS systems.. simple push of the computer buttons.. or keyboard as it were.

@Brandon Carriere I was trying to see what the monthly trend is for the inventory numbers in las vegas? Specifically the southwest. I think we have more inventory than last month but I am not sure... My neighborhood the current house prices are dropping where it seems other parts of Vegas it is going up. I am wondering if this has something to do with the inventory available.  

Hi Courtney

I can find or get that info for you..  If you want to PM me with an address or zip code, I'll look into that..  There may be a few sellers who needed to sell, or lesser desirable interiors that caused a few houses to sell for less than expected, but Id be shocked if thats anything but a coincidence

You’ll need a realtor because you aren’t looking for Vegas numbers. Your looking for neighborhood numbers. IMHo they’ll be useless. Vegas numbers have been less inventory and higher prices year over year for at least the last 5 years. They keep saying inventory can’t go down as prices can’t go up but they have. 

But can I ask, how is what you’re going to do going to change because of he numbers? I’m going to assume prices are up 10% over last year and inventory is down 10% at least for existing homes in your neighborhood. But what if prices are only  up 5% and inventory is flat? (What I would call worse case scenario for most of vegas.) list the house for sale only to find out before you sell next month that prices for August are up 10% and inventory is down 10%?

If you look at too small an area the numbers will be useless. (Look at a 6 house block and tell me how many are for sale, (the inventory is zero or a large percent.) or include 10 new houses in a 40 house neighborhood sold for $400k last year and only smaller used houses sold this year for $200k, prices have dropped 50%.) 

Maybe a realtor could draw a 1 mile circle around your house, filter by size, number of stories, age, bed/bath/garages/pool, lot size, gates, Hoa?  Without those filters the numbers don’t mean much. But they might only get 12 sales over the last year? You go any farther and the neighborhood might not be the same.  Even when inventory was much higher I was looking for single story, 3 car garage, pool house in gated community, less than 15 years old. In a very large search area of North/northwest vegas it was slim pickings. 

@Courtney M.  I agree with Bill.  I doubt your neighborhood is in a downward trend at the moment.  Overall supply levels are less than 2 months for the metro overall.  One month does not make a trend either.  It's quite possible the listings in your neighborhood are experiencing price drops, but I'd expect that has more to do with listing too high in the first place.  

@Courtney M. What is the point of the info? While you are looking for numbers, we are locking up deals based on what the market demands. Even with the market being as aggressive as it is, we are still finding deals with $100k spreads all over the valley. If we sat around and did research, we wouldn't be able to come across these deals. So when you gather this info, what are you going to do with it that nobody else has already done?