Apply for permits online-L&I launches new/updated Eclipse system

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Hi all,

Today I was in a meeting with L&I customer relationship liaison and have some good news!

L&I launches new/updated Eclipse system starting March 16th.

Now we will be able to request all permits online without physically going to L&I. Also, we’ll be able to attach all required documentation as well as building plans.

Also, they promise to launch new scheduling system in May 2020. If you still want/need to go down to L&I you’d be able to schedule your time online and won’t waste time waiting in long lines.

Current system will be down starting March 13th and L&I will be closed from March 12th to March 16th to switch to the new system. So do not plan any visits during that time/ And do not plan get any docs from/to them during that period.



I expect it will be buggy. Last year when I paid for my one rental license online, payment was accepted but the L&I eclipse site marked that license as inactive a couple of months later. And getting them to correct it was ... well, typical of L&I service, in other words a PITA.

Wow thanks for popping this news @Yuriy Skripnichenko . You seems to have the latest info on these types of things. In theory this sounds like an amazing step to fix one of the biggest administrative nightmares in Philly real estate. Let's just see how it works in reality...

Has anybody submitted permit (or other) applications electronically after the construction restriction was put in place for Philly?  I have heard that L&I may be reviewing some electronically filed permit applications during the shutdown.  Although no work could be done until construction is permitted agin, I'm wondering whether anyone has any insight into whether they are still reviewing permits/plans for upcoming projects.  

So prior to this COVID ordeal, the city used to have up to date records available to the public on what permits were being pulled and by who. Since then, the city has not updated this information. I imagine part of this is all the other nuttiness going on that this is on the bottom of priorities but I'm beginning to think this could be delayed as they probably changed how they input that back end data to fit the system. Since you've been deemed the unofficial Philly Oracle @Yuriy Skripnichenko , did they mention anything about when this information will be updated or made available again?

@Jimmy O'Connor

Not really sure which records you are referring to. You can still see all the records as permits and licenses in eclipse. It is actually much easier now to search for any permit/license. 

I also found out this week that to get rental suitability certificate you need to go to eclipse page as well. However, there is no clear instruction on how and where to apply for it. You do not need to login to eclipse. The link to apply for the cet is on the bottom of the login page for eclipse. 



Just wanted to provide an update on this.  I was able to submit my permit application online, but the typical 10 business day review period ended on 5/5/20 and we still have not heard anything back from L&I.  I have heard from others that they are experiencing delays as well.  Would be great to hear whether anyone has gotten a new permit issued for an application that was submitted electronically after the L&I office was shut down due to coronavirus.