Columbia, SC Meet Up

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We have missed a few weeks but time to get together. Next Thursday 5/31 at noon at the Inn at USC. I'm ordering pizza!!

Bring your own lunch if you want. Please let me know if you can come so i can make sure we can get enough participation.

This will be a time to share and celebrate our successes. We will also have some "experts" in REI there for some Q and A or problem solving time. Bring your deals, questions and business cards for some solid networking in Columbia.

Inn at USC Wyndham Garden

1619 Pendleton St, Columbia, SC 29201

Parking lot entrance is off of Pickens St.  Parking is free in the flat lot for meeting attendees.   

Its time for our next meet up!  

This Thursday the 28th at noon.  Deli lunch will be available.  Or bring your own.  

I'll share our first "true" flip and how that rolled into an incredible Brrr and then rocketed our investing business.  And we will hear from @Will Gaston and how to navigate zoning nightmares :)

Same great location.  Different Room. We are on 1st floor in the Carolina Room. (to the right).  Inn at USC Wyndham Garden, 1619 Pendleton St.  Parking lot is off of Pickens.  

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