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I am looking for Realtors in Memphis who have experience in dealing with out of state investors. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you

@Stephen Sokolow

I manage national investors all day long! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! My investors are seeing ROI's in the mid-teens every year!

Thanks @Douglas Skipworth

@Stephen Sokolow  Wise decision to invest in Memphis.  I work with investors from California, Texas, Brazil, Nevada, and most recently the Middle East.  The best thing that you can do is to find a team here that can do it all (rehab, property management, etc.) for you while having your best interest at heart.

@Stephen Sokolow Any Realtor will be friendly to get your business. The only "investor friendly Realtors" are going to be those who own properties themselves, still actively buying and are successful. 

That being said, @Douglas Skipworth is a very successful investor in Memphis and owner of a great PM company. I actually meet with his business partner frequently.  I would listen to his advice and his referral network. 

@Stephen Sokolow  The key is to find a great team! Ideally you would find a company that has everything under one roof. Acquisitions team, renovation crews (fully licensed and insured), Property Management, and a Real Estate Investment Brokerage in case you ever decide to sell.

By teaming up with a solid firm you can mitigate your risk and have some "boots on the ground" that have your best interest in mind. 

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