Better Markets to use my seed capital in retirement

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I am about to formally retire, but I would like to buy land and build a nice new simple home somewhere warm. Any ideas? Where is affordable for new builds with quality builders? 

South Texas or Florida would work. Possibly Arizona too.

What are you looking for as far as living amenities of the city?

Where do you want to live?  What kind of weather do you want?  Do you need airline services?  


Costa Rica




North Carolina

of course none of those places work if you don't like them.

I spent a lot of time in Tonga in the South Pacific, seemed like a great place to retire, with a very low cost of living. Have you considered the South Pacific? Seems your seed capital would go a long way down there!

I like the sound of relocating permanently to the South Pacific. I think it's an under appreciated place to go. I hear Tonga is beautiful, but painfully underdeveloped. Perhaps somewhere more like Fiji? How can you monetize your home? I hear so much about AirBnb it hurts, but is it worthwhile to consider?

I have had great success using AirBnb. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for a very relaxing retirement. I have visited Tahiti, and enjoyed it profusely, but to each their own. What languages do you speak? Many of these nations are legally bilingual or more, but life and building will be much easier if you know some of the local language. Good luck finding a good location to use your seed capital!

I have enjoyed asia too much! Housing is cheap, labour is cheap, materials are cheap. The lifestyle is expensive. I will certainly shoot for one of these regions in retirement, and I would like to bring mobile housing to them even before then.

@Account Closed I live here in Fiji, and the costs of living and doing business are very low. I highly recommend it as a place to retire, though I am bias!

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