Local Meet Up in Spokane Washington

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@Brody Jett I did attend a meeting today with a group of people from an earlier post. One of the things we discussed was how there was not a good meet up. One of the investors that attended even offered to host the meetings downtown. So i'm trying to see if there is an interest in having ongoing meetings in-town.

Thank you @Jordan Tampien for offering your building as a meeting place. I agree it never hurts to have multiple opportunities to meet. 

So now that we have a place to meet the next step is to see when would be a could day and time for everyone to meet. 

It was great meeting those who attended the meetup this morning.  I would definitely be interested in meeting again.  I'll let you guys choose the date and time.  Any day and time is fine with me.

The meeting today was great. Big shout out to everyone who attended today and a thank you to @Jordan Tampien for offering to host future events.

I liked the idea of meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. I work until 6:00pm so a meeting time of 6:30 would be ideal. 

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I would be interested in attending a meeting. Please keep me posted!

I think a good thing would be to have something for people who are new or getting started, to be able to be mentored by those with some experience. There's a lot of us who have been hit by gurus, spend a lot of money, and, at best, have time wasted, and a lot of jumbled information. We then have a bunch of new people come onto sites like BP, trying to "wholesale, because no one's doing it," only to have the "professionals" ridicule them, because gurus didn't teach them the actual business. 

I think setting up some mentorships, would be a good start. The mentors can have their person under their wing, starting with some of the grunt work, like researching the county records, running comps, and whatnot. That's my 2 bits. ;]

@Eddie Starr I agree that finding a good mentor can be a difficult task and you can run into people trying to take advantage of you just trying to learn. It would be awesome if you were able to find a good mentor at one of these meetings.  

Me personally i am somewhat new to real estate investing and have often thought about finding a good mentor. What i have realized is that there is so much information out there that i can teach myself enough to get started. I also feel that through networking i will be able to learn so much and maybe find a good mentor along the way.

@William Gillette : Thanks for the date. If I can get over to Spokane by then I'll be there. If not I'll send you a ping for the next one.

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