spokane investor meetups

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Kelly - sounds like a great idea but I wouldn't be able to attend very often.  Busy with family in the evenings and full-time employment during the day.   The meetups in Spokane and CDA are fantastic if you haven't attended yet.  I've only been to a couple since I'm super new myself, but I'll be going back.

Anyway, keep me posted and if you get something set up, I'll attend when I can.  

Hi @Kelly Clark ! Great idea, although I would find it difficult to make this happen. I am very much in favor of networking and helping each other find deals, but once a week is a big commitment. Between the Spokane REI and CDA Rei, many of us are alreadying attending two meetings a month. To add another 4-5 more meetings would be difficult. Hope we can connect soon! Thank you, David