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I don't know about iPhones but I'm actually typing this on my blackberry as I actually spend a lot of time here on BP on my blackberry. It saves me a lot of times while my older kids take over my computer and my younger ones force me to watch 'Wow Wow Wubzy' on tv.

So me, it doesn't make any difference but its a great idea.

I play around on this site all the time from my Blackberry. And yes, it does help pass time while I wait.

I guess I'm just behind, I use my phone for calls and don't even have a text plan! My next phone will have a keyboard and I'll access the net. For now, it is good that I am usually close to a computer when I have a few spare minutes, since BP is a favorite place to go!

I'm typing this on my Iphone and it works fine but I have to scroll around the screen. The mobile sites are much easier to use.

Josh - I think there is a service the atomatically converts any site to a mobile site. Chris Pirillo did a review of it on his YouTube channel somewere. I'll see if I can find it.

I was just gonna start a topic on this, then I found it was already brought up. I would love it!! BP is like facebook, but the topics are actually useful. It is nice to comment on something other than what someone had for breakfast! LOL! I just wish I could do it from my i phone. :cry:

Since my original post on this thread, I have moved up to a Droid X and that works great with BP. I have it listed as a favorite and move to it easily. Posting is easy, too with the large, intuitive keyboard. I'll admit that I don't like to type with one finger so I look more than comment, but it still is great to fill the few spare minutes that we get every once in a while! My son has an HTC and it is a lot like my Droid X so I think you may be happy with the change.

Any news or luck on the BP iPhone/smartphone app?

Originally posted by Joshua Dorkin:
Meanwhile, anyone interested in a mobile app or other improvements could certainly help us get closer by Upgrading to PRO or by Donating to BiggerPockets.


I continue to post about this very same thing Josh. Almost everyday, I read a thread post where someone is thanking the BP community for the help and how great the site is, which leads to my question of, how come so many here receive, but don't give back via paying in to the site? I am both a donor and Pro Member. Even if you believe that the added benefits of the Pro account are not worth the 414 a month, certainly you can consider that expense as payment for such a great site.

After all, Josh could easily turn this membership into a post only if you are a paying member. While we may lose members, I believe we would raise enough income to start developing all that is on that very long "to do list" of Josh's.

Time to pony up people!!!!!!

This thread reminds me that I have not donated or become a pro member...shame on me! Josh, that will not go on much longer, I can assure you.

Is BP app free on Blackberry app world?

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