Looking for a reliable contractor in Sacramento, CA area. Please help!

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Hello BPers.

I am looking for a reliable general contractors in Sacramento, CA area. 

Would also like to know who local investors use in Sacramento area for Paint, Carpet and roofing. Any recommendations will be helpful.

Thanks guys!

Hello @Gagan Johal  

I am currently getting bids on my first rehab in Sacramento, I will let you know who I end up with and what kind of experience I have with the General Contractor I go with.  Paint and flooring are on my list of items (not doing carpet though).

Thanks @Chris Vail Are you selling it after you fix it up?

What is the price point? how many bed/baths?

Please keep me updated. 

@Al Williamson if you know anyone. Please send them my way. 


@Gagan Johal  

Its a 3/1.5 and I will be renting it but I will be upgrading it to attract a higher class of tenant (at least that's the plan).  Purchased the property for 125,000.  Plan will be to refinance the property in about a year to pull out invested capital and find another property. 

@Gagan Johal  I don't know anyone for your roof. I like how your fishing here at BP. That's a great tactic.

It's worth while to get an Angie's List membership as well. That may be the fastest way to find a pool of good contractors.

Best to you.

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