Any investors in the West Palm Beach area?

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Hey guys. I am a starting investor here in the greater wpb area. I have been trying to network but I know absolutely no other fellow investor. It's been hard trying to do everything on my own. I am looking just for someone to let me pick their brain and pass me down some knowledge on the area and show me some of the do's and don't 's of the business. Thank you so much for your help!!

Hey Juan I’m looking for deals in the area so if you come across anything that you’d like me to look at feel free to reach out anytime!

@Juan Rubio There is BP meet up every month for investors around the Palm Beach county. It is a great opportunity to meet other investors and develop relationships with like minded people. Feel free to contact @Jon Huber , he is the one that organizes the meetings. The next one is February 10th. 

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Yes the meeting is at gizzis coffee in delray from 1pm-4pm

Hi @Juan Rubio ,

I recently start investing in Palm Beach County remotely from NY last summer with 2 town houses (both roughly 150k, $1300 rent).  Seems very low maintenance thus far.

Prices seem to be rising and I am looking for good deals as well!

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