Than Merrill legit or scam?

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One os my long time friends bought a course from one of those (will sell you anything) for $10,000.

That's exactly what they did! They didn't listen to me and bought one of those programs for FLIPPING HOUSES for $10,000. Not only were they embarrassed for purchasing the pile of copied paper they were insulted by the people who sold them this pile of paper, for not making it work because it had worked for thousands of others.

Oh yeah, they finally gave me the course they bought and I looked it over. It is information that EVERYONE can get from a LIBRARY or the local county tax assessor by just going there or making a few calls.


I went to a program when was in little rock A few years ago. Never pass a chance to learn something. The program offered was about 30K . needless to say I left and bought a house with my 30K

Do Not Waste Your Money On It!!

The best thing you can do is find local investors at local REIA groups, network, build relationships with experienced investors and learn that way. There's WAY more than enough info on this site to get started.

My 2 cents worth on the Than Merrill and Fortune Builders thing:  I heard the radio ad so I must give credit for him lighting the fire under me to stop thinking about it and start DOING it.  I paid $200 for the 3 day seminar.  Do I feel ripped off? Not really. I did get tons of good, useful info.  But they are trying to see who has $50k, $30k, $10k to invest with them. I prefer Brandon Turner's advice at BP who says, "Put that money into your first property." This ultimately led me to Bigger Pockets where you can pretty much get valuable tools and teaching for much less. So I'm here now.. but credit for starting my short journey so far goes to Than.

It is not a scam if you apply what your taught. My wife and I considered it after a 1 day event. The reason we passed is we have been to many events like his and had enough books, tapes, and cd's. What we lacked was contacts (are free) and experience (cost money). Surround yourself with doer's. I've traded a free boat to me as deposit with owner financing for a home. That's NO MONEY Down. Robin T. (The Queen of Rehab) was the first guru that told us what to avoid. That 1 day workshop was worth 50x what we spent for it.  

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