TLO Skip trace service. Has anyone tried it?

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Hello investors?

Has anyone ever heard of a skiptrace service called TLO. I was referred by a colleague of mine and I wanted some more insight on the program before I decided to hop in it. I will be using the service for the purpose of locating homeowners with vacant and unwanted homes that are hard to locate. Thanks again.

With the internet skip tracing  is so much easier then it ever was.  They should be able to find most people.  It probably just gets down to price so it might pay to shop around as they probably all have the same resources

@Andriy Boychuk

How was the qualifying process for TLO?  I heard two different stories about yes they will let you work out of your home but you need to own a business, lock on door, lock on filing cabinet, password protect your computer, background check etc.

THe other story is that you can't work out of your home.  So please tell me what is it?  I work out of my home.

I have had it in the past, and I didn't have to get an inspection, and I worked at home.  I believe they are doing them now consistently with the way data and privacy change. 

Another one that's good is IDI

Are u using them to find numbers of absentee owners or skipped renters?  I'm not sure I'd this it's the same TLO by transunion, but I was denied because looking four absentee owners is not a justifiable cause under their policy.  Can anyone clear this up for me?

I just signed up with TLO and had my site inspection last week for my home office.  They look for a paper shredder, locking filing cabinet, password protected computer, and lock on office door to name a few things.  They asked for the name and contact number for my HVAC tech as part of the in person interview questions which was kinda strange in my opinion.  I only had a standard bed/bath lock on my office door so I had to install an exterior door lock today and then send verification pictures over.  They want a legit keyed lock.  Still waiting to hear back.

I just applied for TLO and got turned down.  

I have an LLC for 3 years. I have a home office with locks and shredder (thought I didn't get to this phase yet).

For those who recently applied and got approved for TLO this year, can you advise literally what you put on your application forthe 'intended use'?  

i called to inquire but they won't give you the reason.

All I need is access to search vacant properties.  If there is anyone that would like to partner I would be willing to absorb most of the cost.