Delaware Wholesale Friendly??

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Hey Fam!

I was looking for a "Wholesale Friendly" title company in Delaware.  I am working with a friend of mine who has the fish on the hook but still hasn't reeled it in yet.

We have a property with possible liens on it.  We've gone to the county office to search for these liens but no luck. The office couldn't find anyything. So looking for a title company to do this for us but most of the companies I call are not "wholesale friendly."

Can anyone help me out and reccommend a wholesale friendly title agency?  Running into some dead ends here.  

Thanks Guys.

I don't have a personal recommendation for a wholesale friendly title company in Delaware.

A lot of friendly title companies tell me it's illegal.

I used to argue with them and send them a video on the REALTORS association website where they're VP of Legal confirms that it's totally legal (except in Illinois.)

Now, I just put them on a list to never call again because they don't know what they're talking about.

But one great thing about BiggerPockets is that so many questions have already been answered.

The problem is that it takes a bit of advanced search to find those answers.

So, here's how you can easily find the answer:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Search for "wholesaling" "title" "delaware" (make sure you use the quotation marks to make sure that the post has all of those words)
    1. This will show you all posts on BP that have all of those words somewhere in the text.
  3. Start going through the results. I saw some great answers in the results.

That takes a lot less time and it's much less frustrating than waiting for someone to reply.