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The cure for high prices is High Prices- How to stop inflation

Wednesday, April 06

Inflation is on everyone's mind.  How do we stop it? Stop buying things. When you remove your demand from the market it serves to balance things out. Don't like high gas prices, Stay home!!!! Don't like high food prices, Eat less!!!! Consumerism is a problem in the US, and we need to stop buying ...

Lessons learned from being a Buyers Agent in a Sellers Market

Tuesday, April 05

I typically work with buyers.  This is something I enjoy since it allows me to be a teacher and Coach, which is what I was for my first 8 years out of college. As the market is shifting due to increased interest rates, and buyers are having a little more success here are some things that I have l...

Should I go to work, or just own a home?

Tuesday, April 05

This Article is amazing to me. you lived in Boston and owned a home, on average you would have made more $ from the increase in equity of your home than from working. Home values rose $76,616 median pre tax income was $66,852 Simply put--- WOW

Why I see all the inventory in my Market

Monday, April 04

People often ask me this question. "Brian, why do you see every multi family even when you know the price is wrong, or the properties have bad topography and you don't recommend them?" The follow up question is "Wouldn't your time be better spent just looking at the properties that buyers want, a...

Why should you buy multifamily properties when prices are HIGH?

Monday, April 04

You may ask why I just told people to sell, but in the next blog post I am telling people to buy. SCARCITY There are only so many good locations and good buildings that exist. If you cannot create inventory, you need to buy the good ones when they are available. Prices are high now, but it is may...

Why you should be SELLING your multifamily investments NOW

Monday, April 04

For the first time in a while FHA BUYERS HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN This may sound like good news but it is not. In the past 2 years it was likely that you would put your property on the market and investment buyers would be willing to pay close to the amount that FHA buyers were willing to pay. This i...