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The Second Mouse gets the cheese

Tuesday, May 03

This may seem a little harsh but it is the truth. The first mouse gets caught by the trap and the second one comes in and steals the cheese. This is happening in Real Estate as well. Do you see how many properties are Back on Market(BOM) well that number is a lot larger than you can see from the ...

Worcester and Affordable Housing

Thursday, April 28

Great article here by Henry Schwan in the T&G He brings up a lot of pertinent issues and tells some truly sad stories about people who are having tough times due to rising rental prices. He astutely points out that there are huge applicant pools for subsidiz...

Housing Musical Chairs- Good news- More Chairs are coming.

Monday, April 25

Housing is a game of musical chairs.  But instead of removing chairs they have been adding people.  SAME RESULT- LOTS OF LOSERS IN THE MARKET Also, some people can only fit in a big chair, so they have to take more time looking, or just need small chair.  We could go on for a long time with this ...

MTG Rates make a huge difference to affordability

Monday, April 25

Here is an article from Fortune. The crux of the article is that rates have risen so fast so quickly that houses are costing a lot more.   Now keep in mind the Fed is looking to raise rates another 50 bps at the next hearing it is going to make even more of a dif...

Sell in May and Go Away

Tuesday, April 19

Stock investors are surely familiar with the adage, "Sell in May and Go Away" which basically states that Stocks underperform from May to October. I guess it goes back even further to Merchants in London, leaving to escape the heat. For the last couple of years there has been NO BREAK in the buyi...


Wednesday, April 06

The student loan pause has been extended- AGAIN. Please stop!   Inflation is the biggest issue of today. How do we stop inflation?   Take money out of the economy. The Fed is Raising rates- and taking away the punch bowl The Fed is reducing their bond holdings- and private entities will pick up t...