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Rising Mtg rates are stopping mobility

Monday, April 04

People want and need different types of housing during their lifetimes. Coming of age individuals want to live on their own away from their parents. Developing families want more space. Elderly want less yard-work. Some people move to be closer to work We all want the ability to change where we l...


Monday, April 04

Good read from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas key here is that prices are out of step with financials.  If you look at the charts you can see that this tipping point was mid 2021.As my Private Clients know I have been Bearish on the overall Worcester multi...

Why are all the prices of Multis WRONG? Who are they fooling?

Monday, April 04

When I go to an open house, or view a property I have a good idea of what that property will sell for.   Why is it that so many agents have prices that are nowhere close to what the selling price will be? I realize there is the possibility that there is one buyer who really values the house at an...

Inverted Yield Curve and Recession?

Monday, April 04

An inverted yield curve occurs when short-term debt instruments have higher yields than long-term instruments of the same credit risk profile. Typically this shows that a recession is coming.  Investors feel they will have better opportunities to invest at a future date so they will invest sho...

What happens when people don't pay their electric bill?-- YOU GET TO!

Monday, March 21

This scares me and should scare you as well. 1.4 million households in New York State are behind on electric or natural gas bills. a quick search says there are 7.5 million households in NY State. That means 19% of people in the State of NY are behind in a time...

Apartment rents shatter all-time records. Rents are predicted up 10%

Wednesday, March 09

Keep in mind that this article is about Boston- but it is applicable to Worcester as well. Another great Banker and Tradesman article. The Crux of the issue here is that rents are going up and apartment owners are looking for double digit rental increases. I don'...