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Luxury Housing in Worcester, what is it?

Tuesday, December 28

There is word on the street that there has been an increase in LUXURY HOUSING in Worcester, but not enough to increase the amount of AFFORDABLE HOUSING in Worcester. First off, let's define what LUXURY HOUSING is in WORCESTER. This is a city where most of the multi family housing was built betwee...

What is Worcester's Income by Household Type?

Tuesday, December 28

This is an interesting graphic I found the other day.  If you look closely it shows that Median Household income is Low $48k and Average income is also pretty low for MA at $68k. The key here is that Median income for Married Families is $84k and Average income for Married families is $102k. Wha...

Is US Government Dept holding back the FED from fighting inflation?

Thursday, December 16

Interesting article here about the FED and how Government debt is an issue in stopping inflation. Some points: almost 20% of all US Dollars were created in 2020!!!! This is from stimulus and various other government programs inflation is in essence not a general ...

Worcester Ranked 9th Hottest Real Estate Markets in US by

Tuesday, December 14 is saying that Worcester is the 9th Hottest real estate market in the US?  What does that mean? Here is an article discussing Worcester: Here is the underlying article: The key to the article is this: “Our...

Worcester City Council sets tax rates for 2022- Dual Tax Rate

Thursday, December 09

On Tuesday night the Worcester City Council had their annual tax rate hearing. See Article from the T&G You can see my personal thoughts on the topic in my testimony at that City Council Meeting starting at 14:20 - 17:50 of this attached video.  Alex Guardiol...

Is the Worcester Market Falling? says it will.

Thursday, December 09

Interesting article here in Fortune Magazine. It predicts that there is a 50-75% chance that prices in Worcester will decline in the next 12 months. What does that mean to Multi-Family investing? First off let's establish that: 2 families for the most part are si...