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airbnb-the cause of the housing shortage and rising real Estate Prices

Tuesday, February 15

Authors note:  Keep in mind when you are reading this that I am a free market economist and if you wanted to categorize me you could call me Chicago School People might find this crazy but Airbnb causes housing instability. Airbnb is a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY and sometimes disruption is good.  It f...

Appraisals and how they impact the home selling process

Tuesday, February 15

People have lots of thoughts on appraisals and how they are impacting the market. First off, let's define an appraisal. The appraisal is a snapshot of the value of the property at a particular time, the day the appraisal is done.  It does not tell you what the property was worth last year, or wil...

Which comes first, housing or Jobs? or Retail?

Friday, January 21

Another great article in the T&G discussing City Square and Downtown Worcester. This article talks about the 2 remaining parcels in Downtown that are ripe for development, and suggests that Residential Housing is what is needed. We all know that Worcester nee...

Is Worcester still ON THE MOVE?

Friday, January 21

Another Great article by Alex Guardiola of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce. Some additional thoughts to get your mind working. Can Worcester keep things moving and: 1.  Move the DPW and free up that space for new development by Shrewsbury street?2.  Create More...


Tuesday, January 11

Here is a recent Worcester Business Journal Article where I was referenced. Enjoy the read and some additional thoughts. Worcester’s rental market is catering to a high-income tenant, which could be bad news for local workers

Does your Agent order the Rib Eye when you are paying?

Thursday, December 30

I'm sure that this has happened to you before. You go out to dinner with a group and either you are sharing the bill, or maybe the boss or someone's parents are paying. You can order whatever you want!!! What do you order? A. The "Rib Eye" or the most expensive thing on the menu, and maybe a coup...