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Who ultimately holds the MTG Loans? Banks? NOPE--- YOU DO!!!!

Wednesday, March 09

Below is a snippet from a Banker and Tradesman article on 2/21/22 by Andrew Haigney  YES YOU SHOULD BE SCARED- YOU OWN IT On a macro level, we see the combination of higher interest rates and quantitative tightening weighing on real estate values and liquidity. It should be noted that the Feder...

How do we achieve Housing Stability for the most vulnerable?

Wednesday, March 09

Another interesting article in Banker and Tradesman.  For those who do not subscribe, a link below. Keep in mind as always when you read an article the inherent bias of the author.  Chris Norris is the executive director of Metro Housing Boston. Also, keep in min...

Rent Control in Worcester? NO THANKS Build More Housing

Wednesday, March 09

This past week the Worcester City councilors were asked what their thoughts were about the possibility of the state removing the ban on Rent Control in Massachusetts.  Rent Control has been banned in the state since 1994.  Lifting the ban would allow municipalities the ability to set their own pa...

We don't need more large-scale affordable housing in Worcester

Monday, March 07

This was a great Op Ed by Ray Mariano in Sunday't Telegram.  Since it is hard to link if you are not a subscriber here is a PDF link below. We all know that we need to address housing in the City of Worcester.  That is scarcity of housing overall, and a lack of "...

The looming Electric Bill Crisis

Monday, March 07

I was reading an Op Ed by Senator Ed Markey this weekend, and he was lobbying for additional funding to help people pay their electric and heating bills. THESE ARE SOME INTERESTING NUMBERS Residential customers in MA owe an estimated $630 MILLION in unpaid electric and gas billsThere are 583,000 ...

Condos in Worcester- Don't hold your breath they are NOT COMING-

Wednesday, March 02 Interesting article in the T&G a couple weeks ago about condos.   A shout out to Juliana Danquah at Century 21 XSELL a great agent who is featured in this article. The issue here is that condos are an affordable option for first time buyers, some might even ...