The 7 Steps You Need to Get Started Investing In Real Estate

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That was a great video and interesting too...

2018 is a new year! Thank you, Brandon, for bringing the passion and interest in REI out of me!!! Through your book and videos. I really want to purchase my first Real Estate Investment in Q1, 2018!

@Brandon Turner Good video. I'm new to BiggerPockets and to real estate investing and hope to learn more about it from the numerous articles, videos and experienced investors on this website. I have a single family house and just purchased a newly constructed triplex. So I'm ready and willing to learn all I can from the information on these pages. 

Thank You Brandon and BiggerPockets for bringing me back in the game. 2018 should be a very good year.

Just finished watching UBG series on YouTube this morning. I enjoyed it for the education and for the Aberdeen RE examples. (I lived in Olympia and Tacoma most of my life😉)
I'm in sunny Florida now and just getting started in REI so I look forward to future lessons.
Thanks again for amazing lessons

Can't wait to start! Love the short and sweet approach, thank you!

For investors who intend to own more than one property at a time, consider using a Texas Series LLC. You can Google it to learn more or reach out to me.

Great Video Brandon!  I'm just starting my real estate investor business in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.  Looking to get into assignments and wholesale to gain some capital and hopefully make a flip happen within a year.  

Hello BP! My name is Glenay Coleman, I live in Columbus, OH and I am building my business to be financially free! I want to become an educated, well rounded wholesaler and investor. I understand that while my job is stable and I make "decent" money as a single mom, what am I truly working for? I'm developing someone else's dream and NOT minding my own business. I'm on track to climb and hit 6 figures by 30 (2 years for me). It isn't what I want anymore, I want assets - I want long term growth and wealth.  I made a vow that I would keep my current career for now and use the next (x amount) of months or YEARS to develop my financial literacy and come up with a plan to get out of corporate down the road.
I am going to set alarms and mail my marketing WEEKLY no matter what. I am currently researching most effective strategies when creating yellow letters to test my effectiveness so I'm not wasting money. I've purchased my list from list source of 600 solid leads (Absentee, 50%(+) equity, 10+ year deed, target zip code here Columbus that I from an investor for a good growing area).
I am building my circle of success. Because my income minus bills is all I have as far income to grow my business, I will have to do wholesaling to save some money for my first flip and it will give me insight on FINDING a deal others missed. I have identified an attorney to help me with wholesales, but I still need to find an inspector to help me out.
With the help of BP, reading and reading some more. I think I am on my way! I have joined few REIA COREE investor groups and will be attending meetings consistently. Any other advice would be great!

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Hey all. I listened to my first bigger pockets podcast earlier this week so I'm in that stage where risk, reality, and the actual amount of work this takes are all a fleeting afterthought. Basically, I'm ready to just go out and dominate...

Right now I'm clearing up some finances over the next few months from purchasing a home. I want to take this time to read, connect, and prepare. I'll be following forums like this closely. This video is a great start.

I'm on step one. I would like to master step 6 - marketing.

Great Video. I really enjoy the bigger pockets videos on YouTube. I am a new real estate investor in Charlotte NC. Anyone looking to connect in the area do not hesitate to reach out!

@Brandon Turner Great video. Also, the beginners guide ebook was very educational. I’m just starting my journey into REI, so I’ll be watching for more great content here.

Thanks Brandon 

Concise and comprehensive at the same time. Do you mind if I refer to you in a blog of my own? It's a blog about what to do when starting to invest.

Good morning leaders,

I am new to this site. My partner and I are starting to work on commercial projects such as building a 300-unit apartment complex in the city of Milford DE as well as another piece with 23 units. I was wondering where would you pro's recommend finding an emailing list of commercial real estate investors? I have seen numerous email buying lists on the internet but most of them are scams. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you and have a blessed day! 


Do you have videos that go over all 7 steps in detail? 

Super helpful video! I'll be tuning in for future episodes and definitely a great starting point for those who are newbies or just getting started in investing in real estate. Definitely learning more about niche based strategies and this helped me to put a few personal things in perspective. Kudos!

I’m Jacob and has recently turned the age of 19. For the past year I have been in and out of several part-time jobs. I’m tired of working for nothing, so when I became 19 years old I kept thinking to myself about how bad my life is. I still live with my family but they want to move in the next year or so and will be leaving without me. Since I only get about $200 every 2 weeks I was left without any money for saving as I had to purchase fundamental items. I’m afraid of what comes in the next year as I will not be able to afford to purchase an apartment or have a stable location to live. So I stumbled upon real estate investing and I thought that if anybody who is determined and invested time into it and become successful. Then why not turn my life 180 degrees around. How will it be possible to make enough to pay for a property to live in aswell as rent with such high property taxes and values aswell as rent out spaces?

As a real estate agent I am coming across so many good deals! I am struggling with asking people for money to help with these deals.. Any tips?

@Brandon Turner, excellent video. Everyday I'm learning more and more prepare myself for my first investment. I'm very nervous, but eager to get started on my real estate portfolio. Right now I am looking at BP blogs for ways to find private investors or Angel Investors.  I also love the document Library BP has to assist with our business developments.


Really appreciate these videos you put together. I am just starting my investment career and these videos have been a huge help in how to go about investing. Just got your book of no and low money down. Really excited to read it.

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