NYC Meetup June 17, 2014 With BP Legend Will Barnard

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  • 06/17/14 06:30PM
  • Pranna Restaurant- 79 Madison Ave at 28th Street in Manhattan
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

Hello fellow BP members in the North East!I am pleased to announce that we have a very special guest attending our Meetup in Manhattan this June 17, 2014: BP Legend @Will Barnard .

Will is flying out from California just to be with us and so don't miss this event! He has experience in buy and hold, development, notes, luxury flips, and much, much more. He's been an active member on BiggerPockets for more than 6 years and has posted more than 11,000 times! He created the term many of us use "BP Nation" and actively helps out the members of BP with his knowledge and experience. We are truly honored to have him with us. Will is going to speak to the group and as usual our perk for Pro Members of BP will get some more intimate time with Will in a smaller group setting on a first come first serve basis (see below for details). If you don't know Will Barnard you should. Check out Podcast 32 here on BiggerPockets as well as Will's website

We'll be back at Pranna Restaurant on June 17th this time on the second floor. Pranna is located at 79 Madison Ave (at 28th Street) in Manhattan. Just as before we'll start at 6:30 and go to at least 10pm. The Meetup is free for all members of BiggerPockets. There is no dress code. Come as you feel most comfortable to network. Again around 9pm we should have a very special announcement about our next meeting in July. This event is our first with sponsorship. Hors D'ouvres and our meeting space is being graciously provided by NorthStar Funding in Hoboken, NJ. Expect to hear a few words from our sponsor.

Even if you're brand new to BiggerPockets, a first time investor or a seasoned Pro, money lender or contractor, wholesaler or business professional, be sure to be there and meet other members and those interested in Real Estate investing from the NYC metro area (and beyond) which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Putnam and Orange County, Fairfield County CT, and Northern NJ. If you happen to live in Boston, Hartford, Springfield, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. you should try to make it. All members from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania,it will be worth you driving in for the event.

SPACE WILL BE LIMITED! You must post that you'll be attending or there could be a chance that you might not be able to get in. If you're a Pro member of BP you'll need to RSVP to me directly for the extra time with Will. This is on a first come first serve basis! If you're not a Pro member of BiggerPockets you can do so by clicking this link. Thanks all and I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Very exciting! Looking forward to this. Thank you @Darren Sager for organizing this.

Hopefully I can make it this time without any interruptions. Count me in. Thanks!

@Darren Sager

Thanks for organizing this and sounds like an interesting. Count me in.


Thanks for listing out all the individual cities and boroughs that might possibly want to travel to attend this.

Yes Darrin; I will be there. Thanks for setting this up.

Had fun yesterday and plan on coming to this one!

Hey Darren, thanks for organizing, I hope to make it!

Thanks for putting this together again, @Darren Sager ! Last night's event was great. I'll be in attendance at June's event.

Sign me UP!

Darren ..aren't you forgetting a county *cough* rockland .. Haha

Rockland County New York is always welcome to join us! Yes, funny I forget to mention the county where I was born.

Haha yeah..especially since we just spoke about suffern last night too

@Darren Sager

Hi Darren, I won't be able to make it on June 17...I do look forward for the next meet up in July. Thanks

I'll be there! Thanks Darren & Chad

Hello BP Nation. This will be my first time ever to NY and the farthest I have travelled for a speaking engagement. I look forward to meeting all you East coasters in person, should be a blast.

I am also looking forward to the extra time spent for the Pro account members, we should be able to really dig into some details and questions you have.

Though I have no clue about the market in NY from a personal experience perspective, I do know in general, it is much like So CAL, hot and competitive (speaking of the real estate and not the weather, you guys cant compete with my weather! :)

Topic: Darren has not specified, however, I do plan to speak about flipping, both regular and luxury market and as such, if anyone has questions on wholesaling, getting started, or ramping up your biz, I can cover that too.

See you all in about a month.

- Will Barnard

I will be there.

I will be there!

I'll be there.

Sorry to have missed the last one, but my flight was canceled.

I'll be there

Thanks for organizing this.

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