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  • 03/28/15 02:00PM
  • Westside Pavilion Meeting Room A
  • $5

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We have been having a great response from the LA and BP community. Come join us for some great networking.

Saturday March 28th @ 2:00 at the Westside Pavilion Meeting Room A Behind the Food Court

10800 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-8752

$5 per person to pay for the room. No sales or solicitation will take place at his event. Please RSVP on this thread so we can have an estimate of the numbers of participants.

I plan to attend.  Thanks for organizing.

Hi Jeff, Looking forward to seeing you there.

i will be attending 

@Jon Huber sorry mate but I can't make this one.

Congrats on the new purchase though!

looking forward to it!

I'm good @Jon Huber ...saw this one already.
Got a gig that night in Laguna with SM, you guys wanna come down?
Super chill and intimiate gig :-)

@Sean Hurwitz Do they allow dogs? =) I'm pretty sure I can make it with or without him.

Thank you so much for the invite @Jon Huber !! I sincerely appreciate it!!! I have existing plans at that time but I am going to try to see if I can move things around. Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone and meeting new people  :)

@Jon Huber   Thanks for the mention!  I should be able to make it this weekend!

hey @Jon Huber ,

I can't make this one. Do you guys have a schudule for the next two or three meet ups, so I can throw it on my calendar?



I cannot convince my kid to give up his laser tag birthday party and go to this instead. Please keep me on the list for the next one.

@Peter Mckernan We've been consistent with the last weekend of the month. This is not in concrete, however, the future dates will be known very shortly. I can keep you posted.

@Jon Huber

Yes, Please do! I want to make it to at least the next one, or one right after. I don't mind at all making the drive to join the meetup! Thank you! 



Los Angeles 


Should be there.

@Jeff Greenberg

I plan on attending. Thanks for putting it together.

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