People are fleeing California, are you?

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@BJ Ralphs I agree with much of what you write, with the exception of the people in so cal. For my 10 years there, everyone I came across was very friendly, and much like northern CA where I moved from. However; I have heard others with your sentiments, so I guess it depends on where in so cal you are. I was in Central and South Orange County. We also had a great group of subs we worked with. 

@BJ Ralphs , 7.75% sales tax in the O.C is "ugly" L.A it's 9.5% ! 

Also went somewhere to eat a couple weeks ago and there was an additional fee of 2% due to the increase in the minimum wage it stated on the menu. 

  • Do you live in California? Yes
  • Have you lived in California in the past 5 years? Yes
  • If so, where? San Diego
  • Will you be staying or leaving? Some consideration to leaving America. But not to any other states.
  • Why? Quality of life is low here compared to Many developed nations (health care, education, paid leave)
  • What is your full time income producing job? Rental income/wholesaling/flips
Looks like migration is positive for $110k+ a year households and negative for families with kids and or only a high school education. There definitely appears to be a barrier where those without good qualifications struggle and ultimately leave.  Source -

Hello @Karen Margrave,

I have recently moved to Redding California and I am staying due to family and also think there is still much opportunity. Development is happening even though it is minimal. What is the best way to reach you? I am marketing for more opportunities in the area as we speak. Thanks!

Detek Torculas 

Do I live in CA?  Yes.

Lived here my whole life, born here in 1959

Where?  South Bay Area of SF Bay Area

Stay or leave.  I lean stronger and stronger every day to leaving, and have been considering it and looking at houses and condos in other areas for a good three years at this point.

Why?  Un-affordability, brother and other family have moved to the Moscow, ID/Spokane WA area, the traffic here, crowds everywhere, inundated with "high density" being built everywhere, 

Income producing job, --former accountant, retired early, another reason to leave, in retirement I have to be more conservative and make my nest eggs last as long as possible.

The middle class is definitely fleeing, but the state is still growing, at a slower and slower pace though about 0.61% this year. The population growth is likely to stall and maybe slightly decline in the coming decade as more american middle class families move out to more affordable states. High income households usually have fewer kids compared to middle and working class so the population is aging very quickly and the net migration rate is declining. The long term outlook is therefore negative demographic wise

States such as Texas, Florida and Utah are on the other hand adding massive demographic gains 

We all need to be watching the vote in 2020 to kill Proposition 13 protection for commercial & industrial real estate.  The challenge will be educating the vast number of ignorant voters on how money really flows (e.g. if the property taxes on the grocery store go way up, the prices of groceries will go up, if the property taxes on the apartment building go up, rents will go up, if property taxes on you employer go way up, they may have to fire you).  Millions of dollars will surely be spent arguing about it.   I can find this same climate in several parts of Europe and might enjoy having several residences in different nations when I decide to stop working.  

Venice Beach 16 years, when I lost my $3200.00 month rent control apartment and the unit upstairs was listed as $8500.00 I left....and the homeless situation is terrible on top of it.   Unless you are in sales or tech, the salary ranges can't keep up with the cost of living. 

However, I miss it, I can't find anything else in the USA that seems to satisfy...Denver is too cold, may try San Diego.   I have attempted the east coast road trip and some time in St Pete Fl.... just not finding my people out here, when I looked for live music the other day and found none....well that did it....back to Cali I think.

  • Do you live in California?  
  • Yes, Born and raised 
  • Have you lived in California in the past 5 years? 
  • Yes 
  • If so, where? 
  • Gardena California 
  • Will you be staying or leaving? 
  • This is our great debate , staying for now . As long as I still get paid to sit in this ridiculous traffic I can deal with it.
  • Why?
  • Parents are 5 miles away and in their mid 70s , I can still afford to live comfortably here. I do dream of having acreage not far from a drag strip and not paying income tax in Texas but for now I"m staying put despite being taxed on investments outside of California. 
  • What is your full time income producing job?  
  • Commercial Refrigeration Technician plus Rental Investment income that doesn't come close to my w2 wages for now

@Karen Margrave

Great post, as I am trying to figure out the market here! My wife and I just moved to Temecula in November. We were born and raised in Northern California (Mt. Shasta and Santa Rosa). I joined the Marine Corps and we spent the last 5 years in Hawaii. Now at Camp Pendleton, but we both love California and we'll be here at least for another 4 years! Oh, and the U.S. Marines is still my income-producing job.