What's your non-real estate side hustle these days?

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@Beau Watson I’ve thought about Turo myself. I’d want to buy a vehicle solely to rent out. How much could a car make on Turo rented out full time if you don’t mind me asking?

@Jonathan Hulen

Come on… that’s way too general and you know it.

Just like real estate, that all depends on market, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, are you a good host etc etc

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@Jonathan Hulen

Come on… that’s way too general and you know it.

Just like real estate, that all depends on market, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, 

I guess I figured you’d use your personal experience as an example. That’s why I didn’t ask “how much can I make in Los Angeles?” Obviously you wouldn’t be able to answer that. 

@Jonathan Hulen

Fair enough.

My first vehicle is a 2011 F150 in Atlanta. It is grossing $515 a month part-time. I classify it as part-time because I have declined trips and blocked out days because I use truck a lot too. I also had it listed a bit higher the last three months to ensure it didn’t rent a ton because I needed it as well.

August will be my first month trying out a Camry. I also have lowered price on F150. August will be a good test month to see the max amount I can get from both vehicles.

@Keith A. I wholesale lumber. I have connections at a few mills at a normal price. Sell it for more than double. Boom. Made 250k in the last 4 months

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@Chris C....nope..I use what they cut

I take it this is specialty wood  not dimensional 2/4 2/6 type stuff ???  Nice play.. I was a logger for 10 years In Oregon.. we had a nice run.. but we provided logs so on the other end of the spectrum.. out this way the big lumber brokers control the market.

Although I did do a deal with a Oak floor manufactorer years ago.. we had a 700 acre tree farm in Oregon that had some Oak on it I traded the oak for custom flooring.. I bet I could have bought direct from them.. never thought about it..  It was awesome stuff not the boxed crap you see..  6  8 10 and 12 foot lengths with random widths truly art.. I put that in my house in Napa.. and 3 neighbors I supplied them as well.. you simply cant find lfooring like that.

@Jonathan Hulen

I took a lease off someone 18 months ago. Grabbed their Challenger scatpack for $560/month all in. Made about $3500 off TURO in 18 months then sold it to a car wholesaler and cleared an additional $5k!

Market is hot for cars…my recommendation is to ensure you offer a great experience, work the reviews and make the location convenient. Also, pricing is a bit trickier with TURO now: you can’t name your own price anymore, but there are creative ways to attract more rentals.

I’m looking for my next car!

Good luck!

Hi Keith. My side hustle is kitchen, bath, closet design. I also work for designers builders and agents and such doing virtual staging and 3D visualizations. This stuff really helps sell. I wish I could flip cars or something like that. It sounds like it brings in good money. 

@Keith A.

I’m a registered nurse and I work ‘per Diem.’ I have an app on my phone, hospitals put shifts they need filled on the app and I pick them up if I want/can. Helluva side hustle.

Does early retirement (sailing through the Caribbean) count?? ;)

If not, we also have a side hustle/business designing and building custom campervans/adventurevans...

Property management for other investors and flipping cars. It's a great time to sell just about anything.