What's your non-real estate side hustle these days?

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@Jonathan Hulen

People will do shady stuff like steal your tires and replace them with old ones. Ive never done Turo but Id never trust it and its a lot of man hours picking up and dropping off for not much profit. People who overspend on vehicles and repairs are the ones who dont do as well on their profit margins.

@Tim Ryan

Yes especially in the suburbs. Most of the coworking at least in AZ are in the big cities. I think there’s money to be made in the suburbs with co-working spaces and no one is doing it but I see storage units everywhere. Best some of these storage places will go out of business once something new comes around.

@Otis Sanders

Those would be great starters. If you’re buying a car solely for Turo, there’s a section on there which states the most trending cars. Those are the money makers lol.

As for contactless pick up, I’ve opened the pick up and drop off times to pretty anytime during the day. I’ll usually take pictures of the car right after I clean it (night before or morning of) for it’s check out and when the car comes back I’ll take the pictures before the day ends so the picture are taken the same day they drop it off. So far it’s been working out. Good luck with your Turo ventures, I hope you make some good money! :)

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It doesn’t compare money-wise to OT at my regular job but it’s been a nice fill in and it’s also at a lower tax rate than the OT is.

To clarify - It is not true that the part time income is taxed at a lower rate.  That's a fairly common misconception.

It may (or may not) be withheld at a lower rate at the time of payment, but when filing your taxes all income is combined to determine the rate.  If anything, the extra income could cause a higher rate for the incremental income over various thresholds.  

Nicole holds down a part-time w-2 that is work from home, and I handle the rental houses. Our side hustle is selling farm-fresh, farm-raised, free-roaming, chicken eggs. You are not going to save up a down payment with this hustle but it is still fun to sell eggs to people.

Great topic! My side hustle is actually real estate, although I spend a ton of time writing on BiggerPockets. My day job is in marketing electronics and management information systems. I have been inside around 200 data centers and work with many fortune 100 companies.

I condensed the responses for those looking for a faster read:

Writing books


Second part time job

Day trading


Audio book narration

Flipping cars


Property management


Renting cars on Turo


Working trade shows

Flipping houses

Bookkeeping business

Hard money lender

Wholesale lumber

Fix and flip lawn mowers

Rideshare Uber driver

Rent co-working spaces

Kitchen, bath and closet design

Contract nurse





Create products to sell on Amazon

Apple cider bar


Stagehand and lighting technician

Etsy business

Reselling Mid Century Modern furniture

Nutritional Counseling

Youtube channel

Rent out dump trailer

Operate campground / RV park

Tatoo studio

Meal prep business

Rent towable boom lift

Options trading

Life coaching

Defi Staking



Digital marketing and lead generation


Mining crypto

Referring credit card processing and cost segregation deals

RV sharing

Pressure washing

Leasing tractor

Teaching golf

Bank manager

Handyman business

CyberSecurity and Aviation Federal Contracting

Freight Brokering

Singing at weddings, restaurants and special events

Planning or finding dates for elite professionals

Dry cleaning business

Candy shop

Direct mail company


Referee youth sports

Asphalt manufacturing

Retail arbitrage

Wholesaling on Amazon and Ebay

Selling chicken eggs

My Wife and I operate a Non Profit Organization aimed at re-entry; and I play in two different bands, one of which tours the Texas Prison system in summer months to play for and minister to the incarcerated. (Or it did until Covid.....waiting to see how long before volunteers can go back in....meantime we've gone the festival route).

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 Same! I've been looking into different Blockchain projects in both DeFi and Play-to-earn games. Currently got some NFTs for long term hold and flip.

Started investing in the Axie Infinity Blockchain game and will hopefully see profits this Saturday🤙🏼