What's your non-real estate side hustle these days?

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For me I am currently working on my Peterbilts engine to get the tractor ready to be leased out. While also keeping up with a short list if clients that I do odds and ends for receiving cash.

@Keith A.

I used to be a full time Registered Nurse and then became a licensed agent - starting off very part time. I have a small portfolio of rentals currently but since then have switched those roles. Now I’m a full time agent and being a Registered Nurse is my side hustle as I work 1 night a week at the hospital.

Stocks.  More lucrative than real estate at the moment..  No longer work as realtor. Ain't got patience for it no more.. 

@Chris Hicks

They give you different tiers to choose from just as you can do with your personal insurance on the vehicle.

I can tell you from experience using Turo’s insurance on a claim from the host’s side. THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY. You better have awesome before and after photos that you can 100% prove it was not there before. Once proven and they agreed to pay it was a very smooth process without a lot of hurdles. Heck I made money off of the damage.

Don’t get greedy is my opinion. Pick the 75% one.

@Keith A.

CyberSecurity and Aviation Federal Contracting

Freight Brokering

Mobile Notary & Mortgage Signing Agent

Singing gigs at weddings and restaurants and special events

Don’t laugh but I just began a self created 😂side gig planning and/or finding dates for elite professionals. I’ve been wining it but been doing it just a month and have made $6600 PT. Got the idea from a movie🤣🤣