What's your non-real estate side hustle these days?

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I do bookkeeping for small businesses on the side.  

I also started an Etsy business flipping vintage estate finds and Im loving that!  Picking up MCM furniture at estate sales and flipping on FB Marketplace.  

In addition to real estate investing, my "side hustle" is nutritional counseling. I'm a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), working with clients 1:1 to address their health and performance goals through customized nutritional planning and support. This is more than just a side hustle to me - it's my passion project. My hope is that real estate will help me become financially independent so I can take on more NTP work and work my way out of my W2 job ; )

@Carlos Villalta

Does the dump trailer get rented out often?

I was thinking about buying a 7x14’ sure trac dump trailer to rent out. The rate in my area is about $100-110.00 per day. Of course I’d use it from time to time as well.

@Keith A. The other interest is Doing Spartan races with my older son Jason, which requires weekly crossfit gym training and hill running. I am pushing myself physically and mentally and 54 years old and feel fantastic!

@Keith A. I learned how to do options trading. The wheel strategy and calls on bug tech and airlines.

Once you learn the wheel on stocks you want to own, it’s fun.

I cut back my nursing hours to just 2 days per week to focus on it.

@David Banker

No, but I would be interested to know the same. I saw an ad for it and would possibly use both platforms. Thanks for reminding me to look into them!

@Keith A. Now that you make me think of it, since RE became my main hustle, I guess my previous main hustle of beauty manufacturing consulting is now my side hustle…also considering breaking into some contract project management work as of recent.

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@Jonathan Hulen

Am also checking on Turo around my market here in CT. I highly recommend you to go online to TURO.COM on your area and take a look at what kind of cars are renting and for how much. The Slingshots are very HOT Rentals around here and I see they go for a lot of money/day rental.

I am not sure if I would invest on a bike/vehicle like that. Although PICK up trucks in my area I couldn’t find, the closest was about 25 miles away and the ones I did find they have a high Rentals demand.

Putting my own hybrid car on in a week or so and than I will look into perhaps buy a semi used truck just for that. As Car Rentals are in shortage now is a good time to try.

Good luck 👍🏻

I had an over night trip to Silicon Valley last week.. there was NOT ONE rental car to be had NOT ONE.. I tried turo.. and while I am not very tech savvy etc.. I dont have the app. I got a hold of one turo owner who was very accomodating walked me through it.. brought the car to the airport ( faster pick up than Uber) then when my flight changed the next day to early morning. I texted him at 7am and said I need to get to the airport.. he gave me his home address I was at his house at 7:45 am on a sat..  ( stopped to fillup the prius with one gallon LOL ) and he dropped me off at airport..  5 star service.. however as a business traveler I dont see how this works if the owners will not bring the car to the airport.. and  this guys new prius was 95 bucks for 24 hours and 200 miles plus gas.. I decline insurance as always.  In a normal business cycle could have gotten a small SUV  ( my go to rental on the road ) for usually 40 to 60 bucks a day decline insurance bring back full.

there were a lot of Tesla's but since I have owned 3 telsas I was not going to pay 150 a day to drive my own car. But I can see someone renting one to see if they like them.. same with some of the exotics that were on there..   I like the play for pickup trucks I wonder how that would go rent to the small contractor or dump run weekender ??? 

Bought a towable boom lift a few years ago for working on our flips and apartments. Had people stopping regularly asking where I rented it from. Got insured and now we rent it out. Nice little cash flow gig with hardly any maintenance required as it's electric over hydraulic; no gas motor, etc

I have my W2 job in sales so I can scale income well that way. I also dump as much money into stocks as I can, then do options - mostly with selling covered calls. I love selling covered calls because they're low to no risk, I produce a 1-2% monthly ROI in the form of income, and if my shares get called away (happens 20% of the time) I get a return I wanted anyway. Not to mention it's as easy as a few clicks once/month to make it another passive income stream.

Also starting to try to monetize information through Blogs, YT channels and eventually writing books, but it will be years before I see anything noticeable from that. 

So right now I have 3 income streams: real estate, W2 salary & commissions, and writing/selling covered calls.

I take the income I make from those and put them into stocks and let the capital grow. Once it grows to a good point, I cash out and buy real estate. Then my income goes up, I pump the income back into stocks, rinse and repeat.

@Sarah Pursell I would highly recommend you to do a google search where you live for " Mobile Notary " you will find many websites and companies that provide services and you could contact them to work as one of them or even to get price point for types of services and notarizing docs. In addition to that if you are a part of Real Estate Facebook groups in your area tell all of them you do Mobile Notary and give them your contact number. I hope this helps, have a great day. 

@Jay Hinrichs Good Morning Jay, I am glad you figured how to get a TURO car rented and seams like it worked gratefully to your benefit, even thought it was not the car you usually rent. In today's market and current economy situations is essential to be resourceful to find new ways to solve problems. I used to work with my brother for the last 12 years at a used car dealership and had the advantage to get wholesale cars anytime, so I had tried different brands almost every year, like flipping houses I got them a wholesale cost, than sold for more money than I got and put it back to a newer and better model. I will be giving a try with TURO on my area as now live about 45 minutes to JFK and NYC so think the market in my area would have a demand. I will post once I have a month or more worth of rental to update the opportunity. Thank you for sharing your experience, I really appreciate you. Have a phenomenal Day. 

@Sarah Pursell

The National Notary Assoc website has training you can sign up for to be a certified notary signing agent. You will be put on a list that title companies can access to find mobile notaries. I am actually in the process, but it is a popular thing in the Bay Area where I live for mobile notaries to come to peoples homes to for real estate docs signings.