Atlanta Meetup @ Home Depot Corporate Office

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  • 03/10/15 09:00AM
  • The Home Depot Corporate Office Atlanta GA
  • Free

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We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a REI Meetup at the Home Depot Corporate office with several Real Estate Investors speaking as well as one of the Presidents of the Home Depot.

HD as agreed to provide us lunch as well. This meeting is "FREE" and there will be no pitching or selling at this event.

Here are some of the things that will be happening at the event:

1. Hear from a President of the Home Depot.

2. HD is going to bring in the Regional Manager as well as District Managers and all local PARs to listen to your complaints and what they can do better, to serve the Real Estate Investor community. 


3. I will be bringing in a Chief Marketing Officer of a very large advertising company to teach us how to market for houses in our very tight market. He as worked with Pepsi- Buffalo Wild Wings- Seagram's, and many other Fortune 500 companies. He also worked with Fox News and was the GM of the most listened to radio stations in America.

4. A Custom Home Designer for Investors, will be teaching on design, including tile, paint colors, kitchen cabinets, granite and much more. She will be passing out entire SKU list of houses she has designed for investors to everyone there for free.

5. We are going to have someone speak on rehabbing houses. What is working and not working in the Atlanta Market. He will be teaching on flipping houses and the steps that you need to be successful at flipping. He will also be talking briefly talking about New Construction, as it is so HOT in ATL.

6. Networking --Networking -- Networking so bring your business cards.

7. I would like to have Two Panels one for lenders (hard money lenders as well as private lenders) and one for wholesalers and marketing for the ATL Market. (If there are lenders and wholesalers that would like to do so)

If you would like to attend this REI Meetup please let me know as it stands right now we need to limit this to 50 investors. At HD corporate there are 2 different levels of security that you have to get through so you will for sure have to be on the list....

We are looking for a date in early or late March, just depending on the room availability at the HD corporate office.

If you are interested please @ tag me here and let me know.


Please tag other ATL Investors who may want to attend.

@David Bateman @David Begley @David T. @Joel Owens @Manesh Hardeo @Rick Baggenstoss @Todd Whiddon  

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UPDATE: The event will be on April 2nd from 9am to 3pm. Lunch will be provided by Home Depot so we must have a head count way before hand. Please either follow this post or follow me or PM for more details and how to sign up.

Thanks, Andrew!  Yes, I'm interested in attending this.

i will reach out to a few..sorry i don't know how to tag but will send them this post.

Thanks Andrew..sounds Super!!


Sounds Great...cant wait!

@Andrew Cordle I will be there.

malhar and meghn bhagat will attend


I would love to attend and be apart of the lender panel as well. 


I would like to attend as well.

thank you 

I would  love to attend the event

@Andrew Cordle this would be an incredible opportunity!!! If there are spaces still available please count me in!!!

@Andrew Cordle  , count me in! And my husband Greg Kern too. Thanks for organizing this!

@Andrew Cordle  I'm interested, but can I suggest paring down the agenda?  All the ideas are great, but I think it would be better to focus on a couple.  Since we're at HD, hearing from them and a panel on how to work with them better plus some networking, sounds like a great agenda.  

- How to make fewer trips to HD?

- How to use credit accounts, account reps, and Pro desk

- Download sku info for designing/planning and estimating, 

- Construction phasing - how to have HD deliver 2 - 3 times all your materials.

- And the list goes on.

The other ideas like the designer, marketer, money panel, new construction discussion, .. all sound worthy of a focused meeting to me. 

Ditto what Rick said -- though it's all worth hearing about, I'm going to have to take a personal morning off from the full-time job, and can't stay all day!   Count me in.

Count me in.  Although focusing the agenda to how to better to use HD would be great all your ideas are super.

Atlanta Investors who are attending:

If this goes good and we have a good attendance I believe this maybe something that we could do say quarterly with HD that way it is free.

And since it is a quarterly meeting NOT a monthly REIA meeting. I would like to do something a little different and very helpful and legit education.

So instead of doing say a 90 min event I am thinking something where we can actually accomplish some good growth, ideas, networking etc I am leaning more towards a maybe half day event. 

Market Update

Hear from HD

Education Topic



Education Topic

Something like that plus of course a networking lunch there as well.

Any thoughts?


@Andrew Cordle  Sounds great! Count me in. Thanks for putting this together!

Danielle Jasmine coming.

Thanks @Andrew Cordle!  Please count me in. 

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