Coffee with Investors in Delray Beach, FL on November 18th

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Palm Beach County Investors (or future investors)...

There was a lot of interest in a pretty casual meeting from investors and future investors, and we've had GREAT meetings... why not another? It will be free to attend (and no pitching), but being good patrons, so they let us to continue to use the space for free, I say we get a cup of coffee.

Gizzi's Coffee: 2275 S Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483 (1pm-4pm)

I know many of you wanted to meet later in the afternoon, however, the coffee shop closes at 4pm, so I figured people can come and go as they please from 1-4pm.

So, anyone want to grab some afternoon coffee in Delray Beach... maybe people from Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boyton Beach, Boca Raton, or West Palm? Maybe even Broward County people would like to show...

This meeting is open to anyone that would like to attend.

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I will try to be there but super late if I do. Got my son's last little league game. Hope to make it though

With the emails I've gotten, we should have about 15-20 from Palm Beach County and another 4-5 from Broward County. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Great event! Thank you all for having us, we are looking forward to building more with everyone in the near future. 

Jon if you could please tag us for future events, thank you!

Best regards,


Great meeting yesterday!!!!  We had polar bears!!!!

Great learning experience from the pros. Nice meeting every one and looking forward to future meet ups 👍👍

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