BEST EVER Conference – Feb. 22 & 23, 2019 in Denver, Colorado

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  • 02/22/19 08:00AM - 05:00PM America/Denver
  • Main Opera Theatre, 1385 Curtis Street Denver, Colorado 80204
  • $795

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@Dustin Howard you are in luck. I believe one of the speakers/panels will focus on underwriting apartment communities. Who knows, maybe you'll have completed your first syndication deal by the 2020 Best Ever Conference!

@Joe Fairless I would like to see a fireside chat of a couple of syndicators that have successfully closed on large 100+ unit deals to hear their story from finding the deal, negotiation, touring, LOI, Best & Final, PSA negotiations, Due Diligence, financing, raising equity, etc.

This could be very valuable.

@Dan Handford I would like to see that as well. There will be lots of syndicators at the conference this year, so I am sure you will get your wish!

Out of those 9 or so things you listed, which one do you want to learn about the most? 

@Theo Hicks I would like to see an entire A-Z on 1-2 deals encompassing all aspects to learn what they's a concept I am planning to implement in some of my upcoming videos to share the knowledge of other people. @Joe Fairless A panel is great but digging deep into 1-2 deals and walking through it would be the most beneficial...might not be the best format for a seminar/conference event.

@Dan Handford gotcha. I recommend attending the panel on multifamily syndication case studies. Then, during the networking period, I'd approach all of the panelists to ask them more questions. In fact, you could even ask them to come on your podcast or do a webinar with you to do a deep dive into one of their deals!

Another good debate would be single-family vs. apartments: what's the better passive investment? Or Apartments vs. Crowdfunding, even better!

@Jordan Moorhead There is usually a group of people who go skiing the day/days after the conference. So, if you cannot coordinate something before the conference, I'd still bring your skis anyways.

The 3rd Annual Best Ever Conference is officially less than 4 months away

We already have 8 confirmed speakers:

  1. @Joe Fairless , Ashcroft Capital, Multifamily Syndication
  2. Frank Roessler, Ashcroft Capital, Multifamily Syndication
  3. @Benjamin Lapidus , Spartan Investment Group, Self-Storage and Residential Development
  4. Scott Lewis, Spartan Investment Group, Self-Storage and Residential Development
  5. Kathy Fettke, Real Wealth Network, Single Family Rental and Vacation Rentals
  6. Scott Lebenhart, Ashcroft Capital, Apartment Syndication
  7. Trevor McGregor, Trevor McGregor International, Real Estate Investor Mentor and Life Coach
  8. Gene Guarino, Assisted Living Academy, Residential Assisted Living

What speaker are you most excited about? Based on their specialties, what topics do you want them to cover? 

Who else would you like to see speak at the Best Ever Conference? Tag them below!

Have invested in 2 Joe Fairless deals, regularly listen to his podcast, communicate with his students. Will be my pleasure to meet Joe and his team in person. Exited to grow my network of like-minded people as well.

@Joe Fairless , thank you very much for your kind words, really appreciate it. My pleasure to learn from you.
By the way, registered at the Bigger Pockets 2 years ago under my nik Slava Davi, today changed it to the real name - David :-) 

The Best Ever Conference 2019 preview video is officially LIVE on YouTube. Listen to testimonials from attendees to last year's conference and get JACKED UP for this year's conference.

See any familiar faces? Tag them below to let them know they are featured in the BEST EVER preview video.

I can't wait. I'd like to learn more about the intricacies of agency debt, i.e. what qualifies the amount of interest only time, how their appraisers calculate value, when and how to utilize replacement and reserve schedules, etc. My last acquisition was the first time I used agency debt and I now realize that I need a better understanding of its structure and to find ways to better streamline that process. @Chris Policicchio @Christopher Rocco  @Erich Beyer