BEST EVER Conference – Feb. 22 & 23, 2019 in Denver, Colorado

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  • 02/22/19 08:00AM - 05:00PM America/Denver
  • Main Opera Theatre, 1385 Curtis Street Denver, Colorado 80204
  • $795

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Love that this is in my backyard of Denver every year. Excited to meet all of you. 

I'm a Residential Investor (Flip, Wholesale, Rentals), who's moving towards bigger commercial assets in 2019. Excited to learn from some of the best in their spaces and meet other motivated investors. 

Come say hi if you see me :) 

Hello Best Ever team,

Super delighted to attend and to be on a panel representing student housing. I am an apartment syndicator and equity partner, 1800 units, $150 million portfolio. Looking for experienced operating partners who have properties in contract in strong growth markets. Also love networking in general. 

What would you like to learn about student housing? I will be sharing some forward looking forecasts, and some of the areas where student housing strongly differs from Multifamily housing.

Hello Everyone!

I am looking forward to learning from all the speakers and to network with everyone.

I am looking to execute my first apartment syndication deal this year and looking to help operators by fundraising for their future deals.

See you all at the conference!

I can't believe the Best Ever Conference is less than a month away! 

I've been waiting 11 months for this!

Thank you @Joe Fairless for putting on such an awesome event. Excited to see everyone again this year! I'll be speaking on a panel "The Next Leap Through Partnerships". Looking forward to networking with everyone. I arrive on Thursday afternoon if anyone is interested in meeting up, please email me! 

Just got back from Denver late last night, and just want to say another job well done by @Joe Fairless , @Grant Rothenburger , @Theo Hicks , and the rest of the team!

Got the chance to connect with friends and colleagues from across the country who are always doing interesting things. Picked up a ton of new strategies and ideas from speakers like Trevor McGregor, @Brandon Turner , @Kathy Fettke , and plenty of gems from @Chris Clothier and other folks on the Path to a Billion panel, just to name a few :)

Hi Dave and everyone,

It was a 5 start event as usual. Truly some of the top real estate investors were in the room. I was honored to be there!

@Grant Rothenburger undefined  Good question! I attend a LOT of conferences, and it's usually the networking that is most powerful. I was able to run a few deals by several experts and got some extremely helpful feedback. Also, there was a very good S.E.C. attorney who helped answer some of my questions - since several of my attorneys disagree...

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