Amazon HQ2 - REI Opportunity?

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@Florence Lee fingers crossed Queens is it! As a lifetime resident, community activist and small time RE investor, this would be a huge boost to our borough. I do worry about the strain this will put on our already challenged infrastructure from transportation to schooling but I’m confident that we can work through it.

There are no cash flowing properties in NoVa(If lucky, it's rare to find one). Other than moderate property appreciation there won't be significant difference. Raised rents offset the appreciated property prices/Local Taxes/Expenses.

Breaking News: Amazon Announces New York and Virginia as HQ2 Picks

"Amazon laid out its plans for two of the biggest economic development projects in the country on Tuesday, announcing that it will put major corporate outposts in New York City and Arlington, Va.

The two locations, in Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City in Arlington, just outside of Washington, will eventually house a total of more than 50,000 employees, the company said in a statement. It also said the new sites would require $5 billion in construction and other investments." - The New York Times

Congratulations to those who have properties around these 2 areas. 

JUST IN: Amazon to announce Nashville will be home to East Coast hub of operations, adding 5,000 new corporate jobs - source $AMZN

Just dumb luck but I have properties in both Nashville and Western Queens.

I've been so over the whole Amazon thing for a while. They just played games too long.