Path to Purchase Step 2

Networking in Real Estate

Real estate networking brings more benefits than people think. It isn’t just about going to local meetups or joining online forums, like BiggerPockets. Networking allows new and experienced real estate investors to share stories, bounce ideas off of each other, form partnerships, and recommend quality vendors. Without a proper real estate network, you face an investing career where you’ll have to make the same mistakes many others have already.

Resources in this step:


Learn the basics 

5 Tips for Successful Networking

How to Network With Investors

Instead of learning all on your own, you can leverage the experience of those who have done exactly what you’re trying to do. Thankfully, with social media groups and the best real estate networking website on the planet (that’s us!), you have the ability to network with millions of landlords, property managers, contractors, vendors, and agents.


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