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Finding a Property Manager

Having a rental property is great, but there are some less-than-fun aspects, too. Having to call maintenance, negotiating leases, and advertising your rental might not be your strongest qualities. Frankly, you just may not want to deal with those types of things. Thankfully, we have property managers, who can act as the backend team for our rental properties. They help us scale our portfolios, focus on other aspects of our business, and handle less five o’clock toilet calls.


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How to Hire the Right Property Manager

20 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

While having a great property manager can allow you to make more money and scale faster, a sub-par property manager can do the opposite. This is why it’s so important to hire a property manager that will make your life less stressful, instead of someone who is calling you every time a tenant calls them about a problem.


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step 14 finding your property manager


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