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Hey everyone!

My name is Hilary Catton, and if you don't know me, I am the Director of Customer Success for this amazing site you're currently on, BiggerPockets!

My goal is to make BiggerPockets even more accessible, easy to understand, and up to date on the most current sites you all love to frequent. I want to make your time on BP as enjoyable as I can, and I would love your input on what changes we could make to better your time on our site.

What do you find confusing, or challenging on the site? Do feel navigating through the site could be better - how? Do you wish something was more in depth, and less broad?

I look forward to all your responses! BiggerPockets appreciate you all!



The Search bar doesn't work for me. It never loads any pages past page 1 of search results. I saw a few other threads on this as well. Not sure if a valid resolution was ever come across? But that would be a huge help to be able to Search and see all matches not just the first 15. 

Hi @Hilary Catton I had a couple suggestions that I posted yesterday in the forums that I'll pass on to you.

We have the ability to forward a thread on to someone via facebook, twitter, linkdin and email. I feel like we should also have the option to send that thread to another BP user that isn't involved in that thread, but we don't want to "tag" them in it.

The other suggestion was including a "jump to the last post" button on the inside of the thread. I know there's one as you click to read the thread, but not one once you get into it.

One major suggestion: Provide a "hover" box that provides the first few sentences of a post when you are looking at the list in the forum, so you can decide before you click on it if you even want to click on it. Most good web forums I am part of have this feature, which is a massive time saver and allows one to contribute to posts that make sense rather than opening every post to find out it's not relevant to something you can contribute 

@Hilary Catton  I want to add something. I am not sure if you have intentionally done this or not. Whenever a new post is posted related to turnkey investing, it does not show up on latest threads list. I had to manually tag me to alerts to post. Is there any criteria you have set up that automatically excludes Turnkeys from the Latest posts list?

@Hilary Catton

The market place ad creation could use some tweaks. On SFH, square footage is not a "required field" but it is on at least the duplex's. Also, there's no real choice for buildings with 5 or more units. There's 1,2,3,4 units, condos and town houses, and multiple properties but no place for a 5 unit, for example. Rachelle told me to just use the "multiple properties" choice.

I would say no one over the age of 30 knows the significance of "trending" for the forum posts, but I might be wrong on that one!

The market place search language I find very alien. Terms like "search for ads that are promoting..." then a list of things pop up ... I'd love to see something simpler there where a person could search for all SFR's in a certain area, or buildings btwn 4 and 20 units and pick any number of states.

In fact, I just put an ad under "multiple properties". When I search for it, using that filter, it does NOT show up, but the one from the guy who put his on (17% cap rate) 10 minutes ago does. So I'd take a chance here and say that the entire marketplace system needs an overhaul. It's simply not "trustable" so to speak. (i.e. When I search for 4 units, I'm really not convinced I'm seeing them all, and when I place an ad, I'm almost positive it's not being seen by everyone it should be seen by)

I find the forums Difficult to navigate. The user experience on (for example) is much more intuitive for me. I think the main difference is that each comment here becomes its own link as opposed to a list of parent topics that then lead to that tooic's comments. I would love to go to a page that shows the different topics.

My biggest issue is that the forums are extremely resource intensive. Actually the whole site is pretty heavy and having more than one or two pages open at once really drags my laptop down.  It is a pretty decent machine with 8GB RAM and a 500GB solid state drive.  It is not uncommon to check and each browser process for BP pages is gobbling 300-500MB of memory and 10-50% of the CPU.  I am not sure if it poor site design of having too much going on in each page with lots of dynamic ads or just poorly designed ads themselves but it has gotten more cumbersome in the last couple years.

Two things that I think would make BP better are

1. Change colleagues to following & followers 

2. Utilize hashtags.

Is there a way to save a blog post you really like or want to refer to later? I'd like to have a favorites or save button so I could save forum posts, blog posts and even podcasts that I want to refer to again later. Thanks!

Hi @Hilary Catton first let me start by saying I think Bigger Pockets is a great resource. In terms of improving it, there have been a lot of great suggestions. One of the issues I have is with the mobile experience, specifically the iPhone app.
- Name references (@ replies) are not always populated (even when done correctly) so users don't get notifications
- Users can't click through to profiles and either get contact information or contact a person (even if they've allowed for it on their profile). It always says "contact details hidden" or something of that nature. The only way I've found this to work is if you're already connected to the person and then all you see is the mail icon in the top right of the screen
- users are unable to see the posts they are replying to. I sometimes forget what the post was about or where I was going with a point to answer the member's question. When you click "back" to the post you lose everything you've written
- I wish notifications were better executed. For example, getting a notification whenever my name is mentioned or a message is received. I realize I can get a text message but that just sends me to the web portal version and is kind of irritating to use
- I wish I was able to log in using Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. Sometimes the app logs me out and I spend 10 or 15 minutes trying out different passwords in a futile attempt to remember the right one. I realized there aren't social logins available on the website but that seems like such a standard option for forum and social based sites like this one

Those are just a few of my frustrations with the site. Overall I still think it's a great resource. I hope these suggestions for improvement help you guys take things to the next level!

I love BP and the wealth of knowledge it holds. I want to 2nd a couple things already mentioned.

1. Allow the capability to drop to the most recent post when in a discussion. I often follow discussions that have over a hundred posts and would like to be able to quickly see the newest additions. This option is currently not available through the android app.

2. The @ feature doesnt seem to work when using the app.

Thank you for looking for ways to improve the site!

It would be awesome if the BP app was updated.  Maybe I am not using the app right, but I can't ever find my posts when I'm on the app.  It would be convenient if like Facebook, all of our posts are added to our profile page so we can easily see if anyone has voted or commented.

Thank you for this thread!

When on the app and wanting to 'reply', one must scroll all the way back to the end of the first post in order to do so, which can be cumbersome in long threads.
Perhaps a feature to allow a reply from the last post would be possible.

And I agree that I can no longer tag from my iPhone app.

This post has been removed.

@Hilary Catton Location! Location! Location

BP is full of wonderful information and helpful members. Here are some suggestions.

It would be great if I could view lists/discussions by location, in the Forum Posts, Success Stories and especially in the Marketplace. Sure I can click and then find out, but by making it an optional input field, it could be displayed as another column. I could simply scroll down the list and see the investing location. 

And I know this is asking a lot, but providing the ability to sort or filter by columns would be great!

And, I agree with a previous post. The Marketplace Filter could be updated to allow multiple options. Meaning - use a checkbox instead of radio button groups. For example, I'd like to be able to search for Properties, then Residential. I then wish I could check both SFR and Duplexs.

Thanks for all you already do!

Firstly, thank you Hillary!

- I agree with Chris Low.  As a new member, my biggest frustration is not being able to easily refer back to really (as in extremely) useful forum posts without following the entire thread.  Initially, I thought that voting on a post might provide a link or reference back, but not so.

- Would also love the ability to search within a forum and thread.  I may be mistaken, but right now I think there is only a top level search.

- I also can't tag via the app and I always have trouble tagging via pc. It requires multiple trys to get the tag to work/stick, and often can't get it to work at all.  

- I don't fully understand the purpose of colleague. Does the colleague's BP activity start showing up on my pages somewhere?  (like FB seems to do)  I'm hoping not.

- The BP addict badge is a reminder that I've spent way too much time on BP. There was definitely a cringe reaction that, perhaps, wasn't the intention.

- Is there a way to track sent emails? Is this the same as PM, or is there another way to send messages or chat?   


1. I second the use of hashtags as a means of better linking between forum posts on similar topics or identifying trending topics

2. I never use the app but would if it was more effective. I just became a Slack user and that is one amazing platform, maybe there's something to take-away.

3. When I search keywords the results come up in random order. I've tried using filters but still can't make sense, and often can't find what I'm looking for even if it is specific (for example Denver 2016 meetup).

Hi @Hilary Catton ,

I would like to see a "Learning Path" or "Curriculum" for investor development.

Something like: The path to your first Rental Property - read this Blog Post first, then listen to that podcast 2nd... etc. or  The path to your first fix and flip ... check out this webinar and then...

for example.

We are here on the site and can click here and there, but I and (possibly many) others are not sure how much we need to know and/or when we have acquired enough learning to go and make something happen. A learning path, or list of topics to master, and where to find related resources, would help with that.


What about a section devoted to support for those who are struggling or even doing well but are temporarily down for some reason?  I know I have no one in my area to talk to about real estate.  Perhaps a place where folks looking to join a mastermind group can meet up?

@Hilary Catton I'm always on the go. So getting behind a computer is not my 1st choice. Improving the layout and ability to connect with others via the mobile app. Easy access to the calculators. Searching forums. Would all be useful resources for me. Also, audio books are my favorite. I can listen while I'm on the go, making me more efficient with my time.

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