February 19th, 2015 Meetup in Manhattan with Special Guests J Scott and Ankit Duggal! FULLY BOOKED!

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Thank you VERY much [email protected] Scott  and @Ankit Duggal   for speaking to the group last night at the WeWork space on 23rd. ST. in Manhattan.  These are two people who have done some incredible things in the world of real estate investing and we hope to have them both back at an event in the near future.   

J gave an incredible presentation on negotiating, a preview of a new book he's working on.     Despite his claims of not liking to speak to a group, if you ever get a chance to listen to J speak you know you're in the company of a Jedi Master.  Not just in the world of real estate investing but in business as well.    We'd be thrilled to have to you back to cover the other part of the book J!

I think it would be great to hear more in the future from Ankit.  He shared with me some incredible things he's been up to and I'm sure it would inspire the group to hear from our local rock star what he's been up to.  Ankit was our very first guest speak we ever had at an event.   We didn't have microphone however he did his best with the situation at hand.  We need to give him a proper venue to hear more!

Now for the location.  I have to say that the WeWork space was great!  And we could not have made it happen if it wasn't for the efforts made by @Matt Rodak   from FundThatFlip.com.  You deserve a HUGE "Thank You!" for arranging the space as well as  providing the food & refreshments that were available to everyone.  Matt is doing incredible things in the world of crowd sourcing for flipping homes.   If you've ever considered flipping a home and didn't know how you could get the capital to do so than you should visit his website and make it happen!   He's really someone you should get to know.

And finally Thank You to @Daniel Leon   and @Vinit N.   for helping everyone check in AND to everyone that braved the single digit temperatures & wind chill to make it to the event!  It wouldn't have been a success without you all there.  Hopefully we can get permission to squeeze more into the venue next time!

Great Meet-Up !!!

The presentations were excellent, the WeWork facility and staff were fantastic, and it was a fun evening of networking with like minded investors. Please keep these events coming.

Thanks !!