WHO has helped you on BiggerPockets?

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Name something you've learned from someone on BiggerPockets (podcast, forums, blog, whatever) and tag the person from whom you learned it. Name as many people as you want, but please limit your posts to one-person-per-post.

I'll go ahead and say @J Scott taught me about the fixed-cost method of evaluating a real estate deal. I love this method!

@J Scott - 25 major Renovation Components as I am trying to step out my boundary & learn to do my first flip project this year.

I have to say, Account Closed was extremely helpful to me this past year. Whenever I had questions for him about his wholesaling business and how he ran things - he was very responsive and gave me a lot of good strategies and insights to think about. Thanks Braden!

@Brandon Turner I don' t have time to post about all of the great things I have learned here, between podcasts and posts. But this is definitely a great place, full of knowledgeable people willing to help others. And yes, even a guy named Brandon Turner has given lots of helpful hints,

Originally posted by @Brandon Turner :
I'll go ahead and say @J Scott taught me about the fixed-cost method of evaluating a real estate deal. I love this method!

That and about a hundred other things about the flipping business! Thanks @J Scott

@Travis Sperr did a great job teaching me how to calculate hard money loans. He continued his disclaim of this is how I do it others might be different. but since I talk to him I have talked to others in my area who work the same way as he explained and this has helped me keep a conversation.


@Bill Exeter has given out loads of useful info on 1031 exchanges, which helped me tremendously.

@Manny Cirino clued me in and shared the contracts and forms needed for wholesaling. Thanks to him I got a better understanding of what was involved in the transaction and also what I should expect from a good title company. Thanks Manny!

I'll go ahead and jump on the @J Scott bandwagon for countless reasons. His contributions to BP and his own website were unbelievably helpful to my education. Thanks J!

@Brian Gibbons has answer so many of my Questions, He is a true professional, Brian thank you so much.

BP Nation great website with a lot of great info and people. can't believe I had never heard of it until 3 months ago..

@Manny Cirino gave me detailed information on wholesale transactions from how to get the deal to the closing process. Thanks to him I feel confident to get my feet wet in wholesaling.

@Rick Baggenstoss is my mentor for flipping houses. He has physically showed me the process. I am glad to be working with him, and getting ahead because of him.

@Bill Gulley & @Dionne DePaoli have helped me wrap my head around {at least partially} the {slightly} foreign lending practices and regulations in the U.S.A.

@Dawn Anastasi has been of extraordinary assistance in my continuing education on Milwaukee real estate.

Updated almost 5 years ago

He starts the "Oh s*&t, I forgot ..." phase of such a post. My aging synapsis forgot to include the Bawld Guy from the left coast, Mr. Jeff Brown, when extending my original thanks. Jeff you are a refreshing breath of life experience.

@J Scott I got here via J's blog 123flip. The pictures, the budget summaries and the free downloads have all been very, very helpful. Also, I appreciate hearing J's view on agent issues.

@Dion DePaoli Love hearing things from a lender's perspective.

Account Closed

@Wayne Brooks Thank you Wayne for always answering my questions about FL, short sales, agency and foreclosure!

Kristine Marie Poe Thank you for being so generous and sharing a wealth of knowledge on BP. I have learned a great deal about title defects, tax liens, marketing, and more from you thanks for answering all my questions.

I have listened to 35 podcast as of today. So each of those guest on @Brandon Turner and @Joshua Dorkin BP have provided a gold nugget of information. I am not lazy but I did not want to look up all 35 guest to the podcast. I am not one of the typist that can type 60 wpm.

@J Scott has taught be about many aspects of rehabbing. @Ned Carey

has shared valuable information on Baltimore and its areas. He also taught be the basics of tax lien investing while driving around the city. @Bill Gulley has taught me so much through all of his posts. He says that education and is the foundation and he is right. I am completing the MD pre-licensing course to become an agent, and Bill was right. If people just took this course half of their questions would be answered as most questions are basic RE principles. Learn the basics whether or not you want to be an agent.

Since I kind of just jumped into investing/rehabbing/managing without any formulas , I would say just reading the post have helped me tighten up my lease/rental documents and the responses from the seasoned landlords like @Bill Gulley

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