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Young Professional Looking to Help & Learn in Omaha/Lincoln
Hey everyone,  I am brand new to the BP site but I've been listening to BP podcasts and doing research for awhile now. A little background: I received my bachelor of science in Biological Systems Engineering from the... View more
Hastings NE contractor recommendations
Hello! I'm a new investor in the Ohio area, but originally from Nebraska. My parents recently purchased a condo in Hastings, NE that are needing some renovations, specifically some interior painting and replacing some... View more
Real Estate Attorney Recommendations, Omaha, NE
Hi BP family,Throwing up the bat signal - need some advice! I am new to Omaha and just starting to invest in rentals. I am looking to build my network of local experts and I am in search of recommendations for... View more
Wholesale contracts and source for finding sellers
Hi guys,I have been researching wholesaling real estate for a while but am having trouble getting my foot in the door. I want to make sure i have the right contracts to do assignments and such in the state of nebraska,... View more
SFR college rental: who pays for what?
As our first buy & hold rental, I'm hoping to buy a 100-yr-old, 5 BR house that's just one block from a big college.  I know there's a family in it now (moving out this week), but this property sure sounds like a... View more
Experience with financing from Cornhusker Bank
Hey locals!  Close to finishing a deal that will involve my partner and I taking over a mortgage that is through Cornhusker Bank.  It's our first experience with them and so far it's gone smoothly.  Since they're... View more
Flooding in Omaha and Surrounding Areas
With the recent mass melt off, ground saturation, and flooding, I am sure a lot of you guys are getting calls from your tenants about flooding basements.  I got a call last night.What are your typical steps you follow... View more
Buying rentals in Central Nebraska
Hello All. I would like your thoughts on rental property CoC ROI in central Nebraska (Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney) vs other areas in the US. The properties that I have looked at so far all seem to have low CoC... View more
Any thoughts on deer park
I heard the city was doing a revitalization project in the deer park neighborhood. Does anyone invest in the area? What are your thoughts about that part of town? 
Looking for an agent in Lincoln Nebraska
HiI am looking to buy a few multi-family properties in Lincoln Nebraska.Looking for any recommendations for 1. Real Estate Agents2. Property ManagerAny recommendations are much appreciated.Thanks
Wholesaling Contact Help
Good morning everyone! Im  just getting into real estate investing here in the Omaha and Lincoln  area in Nebraska. Can you guys suggest anywhere I can get a legal Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract as well an an... View more
Hello to Lincoln real estate community
Just wanted to say hi to the local pockets community! Starting my first rehab and man what a crazy start! Any real estate discussions happening in town?
Hard Money Lenders - Nebraska
I see the Hard Money lenders available through Bigger Pockets, but does anyone have any experience with any Nebraska or Midwest Hard Money Lenders that they mind sharing insights on?  Interest rates, points paid, any... View more
Looking for Experience Wholesaler / Investment Realtor in Omaha, Nebraska
Howdy BP Member,I'm currently in the process of preparing to move from Chicago, IL to Omaha, NE and am looking for people to work with in regards to not only find myself a personal home to buy but also investment deals... View more
Kearney And Central Ne flipping Worth It?
So I was looking at a house to flip the other day and the real estate agent pretty much said she didn’t think there was any money to be made in flipping in Kearney. I completely disagree. I think the right home could... View more
Omaha MOPOA recommendations?
I have heard good things about the MOPOA meetings in the Omaha area. I currently own some multi families, smaller apartments, and would like to converse with other multi family owners in the area. Does anyone attend... View more
New Investors out of Central Nebraska and Beatrice areas.
I would be interested in networking with other investors operating around the Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney area or around the Beatrice area.  We have some cash to partner up on a deal or looking for wholesalers with... View more
Contractor for Siding and Gutter Replacement
Has anyone used E3 Solutions for new siding or any work on their properties?  I see a handful of good reviews online but would like to hear experiences from other investors if they've used them before.  I'm also... View more
New investor looking to pick someones brain
Back story, My wife and I moved from Omaha to Phoenix for Work 7 years ago. 6 years ago we bought our house in Phoenix for $157,000. I got another job opportunity in Omaha and we moved back. Before we moved, we... View more
CPA Recommendations Omaha
Recommendations for a CPA in Omaha? Preferably one who knows about both real estate investing and using airbnb. Want to make sure everything is good to go before tax season comes up, and look into starting a LLC or S... View more
New investor looking to pick someone’s brain
Back story, My wife and I moved from Omaha to Phoenix for Work 7 years ago. 6 years ago we bought our house in Phoenix for $157,000. I got another job opportunity in Omaha and we moved back. Before we moved, we... View more

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