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Section 8 rentals in Alabama?
What are the pros and cons of investing in Section 8 rentals in Alabama? Looking at the idea of expanding into this market. I've heard some good things about Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham. It is my... View more
Real Estate in Mobile, Al
I am new to the real estate world in Mobile, Al looking to network and learn. If anyone is experienced in the area, I would love to connect and learn more about real estate in the city. Thanks
Nice Duplex near a University
I am looking to do my first deal with a house hack.  There is a very nice Duplex in Mobile.  It is a new build in a nice area and also very close to the University of South Alabama. I am having mixed emotions due to... View more
First RE Deal Ever Fix n Flip
So my wife and I are starting our first deal ever, by starting, I mean the paperwork isn't signed yet but should start today. The hardmoney lender we're using has a sorta fail safe in place to keep us from doing... View more
Baldwin County New Construction
Hello BiggerPockets,I'm currently looking to get costs of new homes built within Baldwin County and potentially historical data too (upwards of 10 years). If anyone can lead me in the right direct it would be greatly... View more
Mobile Alabama Real Estate
Looking to connect with other investor in Mobile Al. I am real estate agent and investor in San Diego California I have a few home under contract in Mobile. Look to contact with some other local investors or anyone... View more
Mobile, Al Investors Lets Connect!
Hi! I'm looking to connect with Mobile, Al investors. I'm based here in the city and look forward to networking and offering my help as well to anyone who needs it. I'm a beginner in the Real Estate world but I don't... View more
Looking for Mobile AL property manager
Hi, we just foreclosed on a 3/2 SFR in Mobile, AL and need a good property manager to help us ready the property for sale as a rental. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone they've used successfully?Thanks
8 Advantages of Non-QM Loans/Lenders to Conventional Mortgages
For those who are capped and constrained by all of the Conventional Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac rules on investment real estate lending, you should give the Non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) world a try. I've detailed below... View more
Investing in Prichard, AL
If you are investing in Prichard, AL or thought about investing in Prichard... what is your strategy for ROI?a. Do you own properties and collect decent rent? b. Any creative rental strategies if so: residential rents,... View more
Thoughts on SFR in Mobile, AL
I was wondering if anyone had any success in OOS investing within the area of Mobile, AL (SFR). These are 1bed/1bath homes. Zip code 36617... Any information on this area and if any one had any success. I know the... View more
reccomendations for title company/attorney in mobile Alabama
Hi Everyone!I am looking for reccomendations of a title company and/or and title attorney who is familiar with assignments and double closings for Mobile Alabama.  I have a deal that I am wholesaling and Alabama is not... View more
Mobile, AL. Real Estate
Hey BiggerPockets! My name is Shelby Shaw, I'm a real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty Mobile, AL. If you have any real estate needs, I'd love to talk with you and see if we are a good fit for each other. Looking... View more
Multiple Tax Certificates issued by Alabama
Person "A" purchases a Alabama tax certificate in 2008 and fails to pay any further taxes. The state admits to some errors and offered person "A" a parachute and a chance to become current, the does not.  The same... View more
Interested in a property with a tax lien
Hello, fellow Alabamians. Preferably in Mobile. I found a property that I am interested in acquiring as a rental. I noticed the county has it up for auction as a tax lien. Does anyone know what the process of bidding... View more
TAX LIEN REDEMPTION - Interest accrued. How to classify?
I have obtained a property tax lien in Mobile County this year but it got redeemed. I acquired interest and wanted to know what account type I should use for the general ledger. I already know it is revenue on the... View more
House Movers - Raising and Moving a House in Mobile, AL
Does anyone have experience in raising and moving a house from one lot to another in Mobile, AL?  Which companies are the best in the area to do this? Any special permitting with the new lot?  What is the typical... View more
Home Surveyors in Mobile, Al
Hello all,Long time reader, first time poster.  I have finally moved on a deal in Mobile, Al, which is an out of state investment for me being from South Florida, but i have a good web of friends from college that live... View more
Coming to Mobile!! Let's Meet!
Hey everyone! My partner and I are located in the DFW metroplex of Texas but we are headed to Mobile in the beginning of September! My partner grew up in Mobile most of his life and has a passion for his home town. We... View more
What's the market like in Mobile and Baldwin County?
Hi everyone, I was just curious how the market is these days in the Mobile area.  People I have talked to just usually say it is "getting better", but I'm not getting a ton more info.  Would you say it is buyers,... View more
Alabama: Has anyone opted for NRP vs Tax sales in Mobile Cty
Alabama: Has anyone opted to obtain property via the NRP (Neighborhood Rehab Program)  vs Tax Lien sales in Mobile Cty. After perusing the guidelines for NRP the 2 benefits I gather (my opinion) 1. You can submit price... View more
MOBILE - Luxury "port view" condos/properties near the I-10
Hey everyone,I was driving through Mobile on the 10 and the tunnel/port area and it was very picturesque at night, very cinematic. I'm currently 5 hours away (by car) in Florida..I was wondering if there are any cool... View more