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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Tuscaloosa, Alabama real estate market.

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Multifamily Tuscaloosa Market and looking for partner
Tyler Roshell Last post by Tyler Roshell, 2 months ago
Tyler Roshell Tyler Roshell 4 2 months Jump to last post
OpenListings in real estate world.
Ellie Adams Last post by Ellie Adams, 9 months ago
Ellie Adams Ellie Adams 0 9 months Jump to last post
Newbie that is interested in the investing.
Parker Grissom Last post by Parker Grissom, over 1 year ago
Lana Efremova Lana Efremova 9 over 1 year Jump to last post
Investing in Tuscaloosa? Im new would love to connect
Jake Roland Last post by Jake Roland, over 1 year ago
Jake Roland Jake Roland 6 over 1 year Jump to last post
Looking for Property Management referrals
Aviad Sachs Last post by Aviad Sachs, about 2 years ago
Aviad Sachs Aviad Sachs 2 about 2 years Jump to last post
Tuscaloosa REI Attorney
Robert Merry Last post by Robert Merry, over 2 years ago
Robert Merry Robert Merry 2 over 2 years Jump to last post
Brian Sabatino Last post by Brian Sabatino, about 3 years ago
Brian Sabatino Brian Sabatino 2 about 3 years Jump to last post
New Member
Nick Vickerson Last post by Nick Vickerson, over 3 years ago
Nick Vickerson Nick Vickerson 4 over 3 years Jump to last post

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