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Looking for a realtor and PM in Moundville AL
I am an OOS investor and found a nice SFH in the Moundville area while looking at another property in the same community that seems to be a better investment. Are there any recommendations for an investor-friendly... View more
Multifamily Tuscaloosa Market and looking for partner
Hi,I'm a BP new user and currently live in san jose.. I'm currently looking at investing multifamilies in Tuscaloosa. I lived in T town from 09-13 and the area where the properties located are not far from UA... View more
OpenListings in real estate world.
I have a question what do guys think about open listings. If I want to try it in my free time. Are these like uber drivers taking jobs from full-time agents?
Newbie that is interested in the investing.
Hi all!. I am in the military and want to get into real estate investing. I have been doing a bit of research. I am leaning more towards the house hack method because of how much I move around in the military. I am... View more
Investing in Tuscaloosa? Im new would love to connect
Hey Everyone,I would love to connect with any investors in Tuscaloosa. I am personally interested in Rehab, Buy, and Hold , and finding off Market Properties for cash buyers. I would value connecting with anyone in... View more
Tuscaloosa REI Attorney
Can anyone recommend an attorney in the Tuscaloosa area with experience dealing with real estate investors? I am looking for one that is comfortable closing deals with owner financing, subject to, lease purchase, etc.
Hey Everyone,I know most of the other areas have meetups but I have yet to hear about any in Tuscaloosa , correct me if I am wrong. Anyone interested In having a meetup/networking event in Tuscaloosa?
New Member
Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself! I'm a new agent in Tuscaloosa, AL working with Visions Real Estate. I'm a former baseball player with the Texas Rangers and I graduated from Mississippi State University. My... View more