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New Real Estate agent Questions
I am currently finishing up my real estate license. I am getting ready to 1031 my property from CA to AZ. What Broker would be the best to “Hang my license” if I am planning on mostly using my license for my... View more
Mastermind group or study group in Arizona
I have 4 rentals total, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa. No debt, great job (28 years) and I'm ready to move into the fast lane. Any mastermind groups or likeminded individuals interested in allowing me in or... View more
Current realtor doesn't seem to be a great fit
Hi everyone,I'm in the process of finding a good house hack and am using a realtor referred to me by a coworker. At the time I was looking for SFH, but I have since changed my approach to look for duplex, triplex, or... View more
Looking for a Broker/Company to start out with
Hi I just recently acquired my RE license in Arizona. I am currently looking for a broker/company to hang my license with. I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for places I can start interviewing to see... View more