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BRRR or House Hack in the East Bay
Nicholas Lohr Last post by Nicholas Lohr, 1 day ago
Nicholas Lohr Nicholas Lohr 1 1 day Jump to last post
What is the correct sequence of projects?
James Channing Last post by James Channing, 2 days ago
James Channing James Channing 3 2 days Jump to last post
Where would you put 1.3M cash in San Francisco right now?
Ivan Barratt Last post by Ivan Barratt, 3 days ago
Ivan Barratt Ivan Barratt 6 3 days Jump to last post
Out of state investors - what market did you choose and why?
Scott Steffek Last post by Scott Steffek, 6 days ago
Scott Steffek Scott Steffek 90 6 days Jump to last post
CPA recommendations in Bay Area
Ting Lai Last post by Ting Lai, 8 days ago
Ting Lai Ting Lai 11 8 days Jump to last post
Spreadsheet comparing out of state REI markets?
Michelle St. Claire Last post by Michelle St. Claire, 9 days ago
Michelle St. Claire Michelle St. Claire 14 9 days Jump to last post
Do we buy in SF or stick with rent control and get investments
Pooja C. Last post by Pooja C., 9 days ago
Pooja C. Pooja C. 17 9 days Jump to last post
Out of State Deals For Investors
Mark Creason Last post by Mark Creason, 11 days ago
Mark Creason Mark Creason 6 11 days Jump to last post
Tips for beginner real estate investing in the bay area?
Charity Youngblood Last post by Charity Youngblood, 16 days ago
Charity Youngblood Charity Youngblood 14 16 days Jump to last post
Gauging interest in a San Francisco Quarterly Meetup
Sean Walton Last post by Sean Walton, 18 days ago
Joann Kuo Joann Kuo 98 16 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Attorney in the Bay Area
Teddy Remolar Last post by Teddy Remolar, 16 days ago
Teddy Remolar Teddy Remolar 2 16 days Jump to last post
Any NNN investors in San Francisco?
Calvin Shih Last post by Calvin Shih, 24 days ago
Calvin Shih Calvin Shih 1 24 days Jump to last post
Bay Area PM Looking for Other Independent PMs to Merge/Share/Grow
Nicholas Bowers Last post by Nicholas Bowers, 27 days ago
Nicholas Bowers Nicholas Bowers 0 27 days Jump to last post
Handyman and GC Recs in Potrero / Dogpatch Area?
Kevin Dang Last post by Kevin Dang, about 1 month ago
Kevin Dang Kevin Dang 3 about 1 month Jump to last post
SF-Specific Rental Agreement?
Caroline Yu Last post by Caroline Yu, about 1 month ago
Caroline Yu Caroline Yu 4 about 1 month Jump to last post
SF Bay Area Remote Investor Meetup?
Scott McDonald Last post by Scott McDonald, about 1 month ago
Scott McDonald Scott McDonald 14 about 1 month Jump to last post
Average sales price SF bay Area 936k ??
Rob Beardsley Last post by Rob Beardsley, about 1 month ago
Rob Beardsley Rob Beardsley 67 about 1 month Jump to last post
Buying SF Peninsula primary residence in 2018?
Arlen Chou Last post by Arlen Chou, about 1 month ago
Arlen Chou Arlen Chou 5 about 1 month Jump to last post
Forewarding address after move-out: last roommate or all?
Will Gaston Last post by Will Gaston, about 2 months ago
Will Gaston Will Gaston 1 about 2 months Jump to last post
How much discount associated with a TIC?
Houston Garcia Last post by Houston Garcia, about 2 months ago
Houston Garcia Houston Garcia 1 about 2 months Jump to last post
Where to live? Leasing Agents? Real Estate Agents?
Tommy Hoang Last post by Tommy Hoang, about 2 months ago
Tommy Hoang Tommy Hoang 6 about 2 months Jump to last post
Looking to connect with people in the SF Bay Area (East Bay)
Nick Ruffini Last post by Nick Ruffini, about 2 months ago
Nick Ruffini Nick Ruffini 22 about 2 months Jump to last post
SF/Bay Area flipping opportunities, are they out there?
Chrissy Arnold Last post by Chrissy Arnold, 2 months ago
Chrissy Arnold Chrissy Arnold 16 2 months Jump to last post
Seeking advice on joint venture / partnership in Bay Area
Jillian Sidoti Last post by Jillian Sidoti, 2 months ago
Jillian Sidoti Jillian Sidoti 5 2 months Jump to last post
Did I got ripped off by the General contractor
JingJing He Last post by JingJing He, 2 months ago
JingJing He JingJing He 15 2 months Jump to last post

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