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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky real estate market.

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Looking for team member suggestions!
Joedocei Hill Last post by Joedocei Hill, 3 months ago
Joedocei Hill Joedocei Hill 4 3 months Jump to last post
Networking in Kentucky.
Jeffrey Goddard Last post by Jeffrey Goddard, 5 months ago
Jeffrey Goddard Jeffrey Goddard 8 5 months Jump to last post
Architectural Draftsman search
Daniel Risner Last post by Daniel Risner, about 1 year ago
Daniel Risner Daniel Risner 0 about 1 year Jump to last post
Looking for wholesalers in Lexington, KY
Jonathan C. Last post by Jonathan C., about 1 year ago
Jonathan C. Jonathan C. 5 about 1 year Jump to last post
Short Term Rentals in Lexington
Jarrod Williams Last post by Jarrod Williams, over 1 year ago
Jarrod Williams Jarrod Williams 19 over 1 year Jump to last post
Property Management Companies in the area
Bryan Reid Last post by Bryan Reid, over 1 year ago
Bryan Reid Bryan Reid 1 over 1 year Jump to last post
Meetup topics and format?
Sonya Antrobus Last post by Sonya Antrobus, over 2 years ago
Sonya Antrobus Sonya Antrobus 2 over 2 years Jump to last post
Looking to learn about Lexington area
Jim Wilcox Last post by Jim Wilcox, over 2 years ago
Jim Wilcox Jim Wilcox 4 over 2 years Jump to last post

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