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I'm a new real estate investor in Lexington, KY
Hello, I'm a real estate investor new to the Lexington, KY area, and I'm looking to get connected with local wholesalers. I'm interested in 6- to 10-unit multifamily properties. I'll be arriving in January and will be... View more
Critique my Potential Purchase Lexington, Kentucky
Hi! I'm looking at my first purchase and I think I'd love feedback on the numbers I found12 unit apartment building in Brucetown areaPurchase: 380,000, 20% downExpenses, Annual:  Property Tax: 1400  Insurance: ~3000 ... View more
Property Manager Recommendations
Hi Everyone,I'm looking to invest in the Lexington and surrounding towns and was hoping to get a recommendation on a Property Manager. Does anyone know of someone working in the area that they'd highly recommend? I'd... View more
Looking for team member suggestions!
Hello All,I am looking for suggestions from the community for several members of the team I would like to build in the Lexington area. I would like recommendations for an investor friendly real estate agent and... View more
Architectural Draftsman search
Hi there. I'm considering a new construction build of a 4-plex and more in the future...I was wondering if there were any solid Architectural Draftsman out there that you would recommend?  Looking for someone who is... View more
Short Term Rentals in Lexington
Hey there!I am looking at investing in short term rental properties (airbnb, vrbo, etc) in Lexington. My partner grew up and went to school in Lexington, so I have mostly been relying on him for information about the... View more
Property Management Companies in the area
Hi BPers.  Looking to start a discussion about property management companies in Lexington.  Who has tried some out and what do you recommend?  Thanks
Meetup topics and format?
There are a few of us in Northern Kentucky that would like to hold our first meet-up for our area.  Can someone give a few examples of the format and content of these meetings?  I've not been to one as there are none... View more
Looking to learn about Lexington area
Hi all, I'm a fairly new RE investor from California (been doing it a couple years now, 1 buy & hold rental in CA). I visit KY a few times a year (totally love it) and am interested in getting some local... View more