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Ann Arbor portfolio investors
Hello! I am a new real estate agent and designer in Ann Arbor. I have family members and contacts with 10+ years experience investing in real estate. Because Ann Arbor isn’t the $100k or less housing market, I’m... View more
Looking for CPA and Lawyer
Hi, I am looking for a local (Southeast Michigan) CPA and Lawyer with a good knowledge in advanced real estate strategies. Any recommendations?
Starting out in Ann Arbor - Seeking local introductions
Hi there,I'm a new to BP.  My sister (who lives in Ann Arbor) and I are looking to buy and hold a multi-family property in the Ann Arbor area.  She would occupy one of the units.We are looking to meet real estate... View more
ann arbor condo market
Hello all... My brother will be transferring to the university of Michigan to obtain his masters degree and it gave me an idea.... I have been looking into getting into real estate and its a hard jump to make... View more
Submitting an offer, use the purchase agreement?
My wife and I have found a lot we would like to purchase and build on. I found it on Zillow and attempted to get some guidance from a realtor in the area. The experience was not great, i was doing all of the leg work... View more
REI in Ann Arbor
Hello to everyone here in Ann Arbor and the rest of Michigan. My name is Niklas Spitnale and I am a young real estate entrepreneur here in Ann Arbor! I run a company called Amorite Real Estate. We primarily wholesale... View more
Looking for realtors/real estate investors in the Ann Arbor area
Hi all! My name is Reed Cao and I am on the lookout for potential real estate investing / networking opportunities in Ann Arbor. I now live in Tucson, AZ but am back for the holiday break, and will be in town until the... View more
Loan Officer and Attorney Recommendations - Ann Arbor Mi
Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can give me a recommendation for an investment minded attorney and loan officer in the Ann Arbor area?  I'm trying to decide what to do with my single family house when my wife and I move... View more
Ann Arbor Contractors
Hello! I am looking to do a full remodel in Ann Arbor before selling my house. Does anyone have a good contractor they would recommend? I would be doing the following:-Kitchen remodel-Removing lower bedroom (open... View more
Investing in Milan, MI
Hi again,Has anybody ever invested in rentals in Milan, MI or nearby?  I keep seeing some really nice older duplexes?  I know it's a small town. But being close to Ann Arbor, I think it might be easy to rent out.
Jackson Rental Market
Hi all,I'm looking for somebody with experience in Jackson, MI particularly with multi-unit rentals.  If anybody here in the A2 group would be willing to exchange some brief messages or to connect me with someone, I'd... View more
Asking for a friend.
Hello everyone, I have a friend that don’t know what his next step should be regarding his house. He bought it out right a few years ago, fixed it up and just the other day got an appraisal back for 93k. He was... View more
University of Michigan top in county...
Hi,I recently read that the University of Michigan was voted top in country. Since it is one of areas I'm interested in investing, I was wondering how that would affect real estate values.  I realize that housing costs... View more
“ Investor friendly” title companies in Washtenaw County?
Looking for recommendations for “investor friendly” title companies in the county. Have had luck outside the county, but have really been struggling to find title companies in around Ann Arbor that are comfortable... View more
Help on deal analysis
Hey, guys hope everyone is having a good day. I need some help on an off-market deal I got from a bandit sign.The home is question is about 1mi from EMU in Ypsilanti, MIThe home is a 6bd 2.5ba at about 2000sqft.Gross... View more
“Investor-friendly” title companies in Washtenaw County?
Looking to find some investor friendly title companies in Washtenaw. In particular, ones that are comfortable with back2back closes, use of hard money loans, and other non-conventional closes. Suggestions?... View more
Information! is single family or 2plex houses better?
Hello everyone! I'm here to talk about if a single family home would do better in this area? or a multi plex? and if anyone has any tips on locations where each one does better !
Request for local Ann Arbor Residential Property Mgmt companies
Hello,I was wondering if any of local BPers can help refer a good property management company in Ann Arbor for a residential property.Thanks for your help in advance.
New member in Ann Arbor Area
Hey New FriendsI've been lurking on the forum for a bit reading and such. Close to diving in the waters.I'm considering investing in the downtown ann arbor area. Would love to hear thoughts on that area? Any real... View more
Financial Advisor in Ann Arbor area recommendation
Sorry for another post, but does anyone have a recommendation for a financial advisor in the Ann Arbor area? Someone who either is a RE investor themselves or has many clients who are?
Cash or Land Contract rental-$40k, $600-$650/month Cashflow
Click HERE - then click the MLS numberTERMS: CASH or Land Contract acceptable with 50% downHere is a condo that would make a GREAT RENTAL. With taxes, HOA's and insurance your bills would come to about $200/month. They... View more