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House Hack in New Jersey Closer to Manhattan
Hello Everyone,I Just Find this Amazing BP Community. I'm Planning on Obtaining NACA Loan, Looking to Buy Multifamily Unit Live in One & Rent the Rest Units. I'm Just Getting Started in Real Estate Investing. any... View more
Planning to move to NYC, is it worth purchasing a place?
My partner an I are planning to move to NYC sometime soon, curious if it worth purchasing a place (2bd/1ba) in Manhattan or Brooklyn if we plan to stay only ~2 years, and just rent out the property after we leave.... View more
House Hack or Rent in NYC
Hi everyone,Right now I go to school in Manhattan and would love to stay here after I graduate. I have real estate goals, and I've always thought my first step would be lowering my living expenses with a house hack.In... View more
New York real estate help
Hi all - I'm originally from North NJ, have been working and living in San Francisco for the past 3 years. My wife and I are both 30 and work in tech - we've seen falling prices in New York due to COVID, we're casually... View more
Multifamily Condo Conversions - Brooklyn
Hi Everyone,  I am looking into purchasing vacant or "can be delivered vacant"  multifamily rentals in brooklyn and rehabbing as condos to sell. I have a partner I am working with and have equity lined up.  Has anyone... View more
House Hacking in NYC area - Willing to share your experience?
Hey everyone, Any stories to share on house hacking experiences within the NYC area (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Jersey City)? Especially as of recently? When I say stories I mean along the lines of... When did you... View more
Renting by the Room in NYC
I'm interested in learning more about renting rooms in New York City. I have a newly renovated private house with modern finishes and with two floors. I'd love to connect with someone with experience in this market to... View more
Pricing and financing a 6 unit building in NYC
I'm looking to buy a 6 unit building and running into difficulties finding financing. Building has a 1st floor retail space and the other 5 units are apartments so it falls under a commercial loan. Having a hard time... View more
New investor looking to connect
Hi Everyone, my name is Zachary and I'm a new investor looking to connect and add value to investors in NYC, specifically Queens and Long Island. If you know of any meetup groups that are new investor friendly please... View more
Property Management Question
Hi there!I am considering taking over my apartment as property property manager. I have allowed my manager to manage the building for the last 5 years, but feel like taking over would be a good learning opportunity. ... View more
No Meeting Brokerage?
Hello all, this is a bit of an odd question.I am a licensed Real Estate Salesperson at a brokerage, and I am tired of all the meetings, trainings, and events. I want a brokerage company that will literally leave me... View more
New investor advice
I’m preparing to get into rehabbing properties and just wanted to see if there’s any advice for a new investors. Like is there a loan that’s good for new investors or is it better to start with rentals rather than... View more
Should I sell my NYC apartment or rent it out right now?
Large sunny studio in good Kips Bay location, can probably get $2200 on rental market (after coop rental fees - $2600 gross) and can maybe sell for $500k if lucky.I figure prices might bounce back after vaccine in... View more
Open house compensation
Hi, I hosted an open house last weekend and one of my colleagues came to help unannounced. The open house was busy so he helped out and show the property with few buyers. One of the buyers He helped made an offer. Am I... View more
How much is my house worth?
What do you NYC people use to determine the value of your property?Zestimate is way different from and redfin.  NYC valuation is always off.  I figured going off recent sales would be best.  Would you just... View more
Multifamily investments in NYC/Manhattan
Hi everyone, I was wondering whether you think it is a good time to invest in multi-families in Manhattan (ranging from 3 to 20 units) or neighbouring areas. I am looking at Harlem, Astoria, Brooklyn. Upper West Side... View more
Seeking an amazing PM in Brooklyn NY for three 3-family buildings
Hello fellow NY Landlords & Property Managers:We are seeking to potentially off-load up to three of our 3-Family Buildings in North/Central Brooklyn NY to a detail-oriented, will-stop-at-nothing-to-do-it-right... View more
How much does it cost to form an LLC in NYC? Who do you use?
Just wondering who you used to form your LLCs. are you happy with them? what do they charge? I am based in Queens NY. I am looking to put a long term buy and hold into this LLC with one other partner. Thanks!
REIA Club on Long Island
Hi Everyone, I am really interested in joining a REIA on Long Island, I would say in Nassau County. Any info on where there is one would be appreciated.Thanks.
DIY Landlord 2 month vacation - Property manager?
Small time landlords out there, when you go away, what do you do? I have two 2 family houses in the same neighborhood (I live in one), and I want to leave the country for 2 months.  I don't need a property manager... View more
For-Sale Apartments Velocity?
Hi, what is the velocity people are seeing for for-sale apartment in NYC? Pretty slow? I'm not surprised given people are fleeing the city. Mine is in Queens, a 2B1B, on market for 6 weeks and still no offer. It's... View more
New york city tax guy
I recently set up my LLC online through LegalZoom so for the first time, i will now have to file taxes for this LLC, wondering if you have any recommendations on tax people in NYC who are REI freindly, who could do... View more
Bronx MFH/Quad Prices
I'm planning to invest in the Bronx within the next few months. For me, this will be my first property, so I plan to utilize housing hacking + FHA/FHA 203k. I'm interested in hearing the general price ranges people... View more
Splitting gas lines on a 2 family house?
I've got a (legal) 2 family house in Queens.  Right now, the electric is split and the tenants pay for their own usage, while I pay for the water and gas for the whole house.All the water bills for 2018 added up to... View more