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Finding Motivated Sellers
Please share your success on how you find motivated sellers on a consistent basis. Where do you get your leads from? Who is the best? I'm new to Real Estate, just starting out. This has been my biggest challenge.... View more
Diving In Head First - How does my plan sound?
Hey all - I'm starting my trek into REI! I've been listening, reading and brainstorming, and have a few ideas to get started. I wanted to validate some of my thoughts, gather feedback, and potentially make some... View more
Building a network in Charlotte, NC
Hello BP Charlotte members. This is my first post here. I've done some commercial investing and now I'm eager to get started in the residential rental property investment space in the Charlotte area (and beyond).... View more
Monetary amount for a sewage easement
I have an empty lot that I am looking to build on. The property does not have sewer available, but I have contacted the adjoining owner behind the lot for an easement through his property and he is ok with it. I am... View more
Multiple Properties Under Contract - What To Do?
Hey BP! First and foremost, I did it!  I am leaving my w-2 paying job that I have been with for 20 years!  I am currently working my notice, and after that it’s full time Real Estate Investing for me!  I’m... View more
Jobs in Real Estate Market
Hey there, I am 22 years old starting my master's studies at UNCC. I am really interested in REI too. Therefore, I was wondering if there are any kind of jobs in the Real Estate world that can help me gain good... View more
New to Real Estate in the Charlotte Market
Hey everyone,  I am in the Charlotte, NC market who plans to invest within a 4 - 5 hour radius of the city. My wife and I both read probably the most cliché book there is about real estate, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and ever... View more
Rental Investments in Ballantyne Area
Hi Everyone,I am new to this forum. My name is Ankur Sahni and I am based out of Long Island, NY. I am looking to invest in SFR/Townhomes in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte. My objective is to invest in rental... View more
Bank account for investment properties
Hello everyone! I just got started in the real estate game. I live in Charlotte, NC. I would like to make an offer on a property and/or house hack soon. I currently have my personal bank account with BB&T. But I... View more
Looking for recommendations for Charlotte area bank
Hello BP experts!Experienced investor new to investing in the Charlotte NC area investing and am looking for recommendations for local banks who can carry portfolio loans and support commercial financing.  Thank you in... View more
General Contractor Recommendations Gaston and Cleveland County
Hello BiggerPockets!Looking for general contractor recommendations for Mecklenburg, Gaston and Cleveland counties.  Please feel free to connect so that we can find out where I can be a benefit to helping you achieve... View more
Thomasboro- Hoskins: How is the Neighborhood?
Hey everyone! looking to house hack a deal in the Thomasboro- Haskins area, closer towards Freedom Drive. I found some promising properties in the area, but im concerned with the crime and the level of safety in the... View more
Rehab Costs in Charlotte
Hi Everyone,Great to meet fellow Charlotte investors.  Thanks for helping make this such a valuable community!I am in the midst of a rehab in Charlotte and am looking for guidance on finding contractors that can work... View more
Charlotte Construction Law
Can anyone please recommend a good attorney in Charlotte area who specializes in construction /contractor law disputes? This is the story: I was shopping for a general contractor for my ground up townhome construction... View more
Fayetteville, NC: Looking for Portfolio Lender
Does anyone have recommendations for a portfolio lender (small investor-friendly bank) that does rental property refinancing in Fayetteville?Thanks in advance!
2021 CLT Market Predictions
Hi everyone,  There has obviously been a lot of positive and negative speculation on the 2021 housing market due to Covid. I'm interested in hearing your opinion's on the subject and what you think will happen.  thank... View more
Looking to purchase a tax foreclosure property in Charlotte.
My husband and I are looking to purchase our first rental property. We are thinking concord bc its cheaper but then I came across several tax foreclosure auctions coming up in Charlotte. Does anyone have experience... View more
Charlotte vs suburbs?
Hi BP, I'm a newish Denver-based investor, working on my first out-of state purchase, and I'm fairly certain Charlotte is the place I want to be. I'd like to connect with other investors there and get some local... View more
Looking to connect with investors in Charlotte.  I am interested in getting to know that city.  I am interested in making a visit to learn about that market and possibly even investing there.
Investor Friendly General Contractor Recommendations
Hey BP Family!  We are looking for great investor friendly GC’s in Charlotte/Concord and surrounding areas!  Investor recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!  By the way!  If its your first... View more
Under market properties (Wholesaling)
Hello all, I am new to the real estate sector. I am looking to connect with others for guidance and growth on how to find these types of properties. I have been doing research and driving for dollars to find these... View more
Calling All Concord Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers!
Hello Concord!We are looking to expand! The success we have had this year in the Hickory and surrounding areas proved to be challenging but we made a lot of great things happen! We are highly motivated to expand to... View more
New to Charlotte, NC
Hi All!I moved to Charlotte back in July and am currently apartment living in South End. I've always wanted to get involved with REI and I like Charlotte so much I'm thinking this is the place to start. I'm still in... View more